Nigerian Army
By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

Nigerian Army has fully and completely taken over power while Nigerians are still foolishly playing the “Nero”, who fiddled while Rome burned. Their president, Muhammadu Buhari, has succeeded in executing a second coup against the country. What remains now is to wait how he will end up – whether it would be as he ended during his first coming; or whether it would be like his fellow Muslim Brotherhood member, Mohammed Morsi of Egypt.
Their Vice President, the fake pastor called Yemi Osinbajo is already hedged-in and gagged. He is now trumpeting only what they want him to trumpet, or they will kill him. The National Assembly is rendered impotent and useless. the Judiciary is to be seen and not to be heard. None of them can act against Buhari, nor do anything to stop whatever he and his military henchmen have decided to do.
Buhari’s first military coup was in 1979 against the government of Alhaji Shehu Shagari. The junta he is currently running is the second. Those who called themselves leaders of All Progressives Congress (APC) like Ahmed Tinubu, have since lost their courage and their voices. They dare not speak out against the evil walking on all fours in the country, if they do, the Northern Fulani terrorists will take them to diner. They know they cannot survive any such persecution as there are enough evidences on their ill-gotten wealth, to send them away for life. Their past murders and lies are there for all to see. So they dare not mutter a word.
However, shamelessly, in spite of all these, many dumb Nigerians – especially those from the Southwestern part of the country – are busy doing escapism with the Biafran issue. They are busy hailing the murderous Northern Nigerian Fulani Army for embarking on genocide actions killing Biafrans. They hail the evil Army by pretending not to know that the people’s agitation was legitimate and legal; as well as pretending not to have seen the atrocities of the Nigerian the army against the Biafran people. So, while the fools continue with all manners of ranting against the Biafran people, they ignore the people’s legitimacy in seeking a referendum for independence.
These people are not alone in connivance with evil; the highly compromised Nigerian media is running true to type. Having collected bribes from Nigerian government as they are wont to do, they have been writing to confuse and discredit the Biafran agitation. They have been trying to change the narrative to the advantage of evil Nigeria and its military.
They ignore the real issue, which is that Biafrans want to exit from the wicked contraption called Nigeria and to exist on their own as citizens of the sovereign and Independent state of Biafra; and that Biafrans are demanding referendum as a path towards it. Instead, the Nigerian media had gone ahead to equate it to a demand for war, in connivance with the Nigerian government and its military. Arising from that, they justified the phantom military exercise “Operation Python Dance”, which was to be carried out in Biafraland.
They saw that as a moral base not to report the unfolding genocide being perpetrated by the Army against Igbo-Biafrans under the guise of a military exercise. Instructively, the media men and their compromised media houses are not the only compromised sector in Nigeria as the plot to annihilate Biafrans ensued. Even some individuals with Igbo Biafran names (Efulefu’s), who were supposedly Biafrans were in on the plot.
Among them that plotted with Nigeria and its military to exterminate Biafrans, either because they were bribed or because their corrupt background, includes a certain Ejike Mbaka, a catholic priest who has (since he was ordained a priest) have been making merchandise of his position. Others include the highly corrupt Orji Uzor Kalu who is trying to be on the right side of Buhari and his Fulani henchmen, in other to escape prosecution for his corruption charges. Uzor Kanu’s corruption stinks to high heavens as he governed Abia State for solid eight years with nothing to show for it. Yet another of them is a certain Kelechi Mbamnozie, said to be an employee of the United Nations, as well as a certain woman of easy virtue called Lauretta Onochie.

For their selfish interests, they connived with Nigerian government and Army to perpetrate genocide against Biafrans, mostly Igbo-Biafrans. But in the end, they will fail.
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