By Chimaobim Nnanna, Ugochinyere Onyechere [Editor], 11/10/2017

 On several occasions have I managed to ask people this very question; this is because, in this part of the world, civility is at the rotten stage. A government is said to be made up of the people, not some political cabals who have taken the advantage for measures to loot and milk dry the public fund. Anambra state is owned by the people and not by the Nigerian government; and as such, voting or no voting must be a decision from the people for normalcy

The issue of voting and not voting in the upcoming Anambra State election has stirred a very big unrest not only in the state but in the entire country as a whole. And as a result of the people's decision to boycott further elections in the areas that constitute THE ANCIENT KINGDOM OF BIAFRA, the government has decided to subdue them with every means possible out of fear of losing their very tasty political positions that yields them very handsome loots.

The Anambra State gubernatorial election scheduled to hold on the 18th day of September 2017 is suffering from what looks like a very ugly set back after the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) declared their loss of interest in any further elections in Nigeria starting from the September 18th Anambra election, stating that it's either Biafra sovereignty is restored or death will be far better than living together as one Nigeria. And in order to show the world how serious they are, they declared the day an OFE NSALA DAY (a day to relax and enjoy NSALA SOUP with family, a soup most eaten by the Anambra part of Biafra), stating that Anambra is the firstborn son of the nation of Biafra and shouldn't be tampered with.

As a result, the government out of frustration resorted to using every means and trick within its reach to make sure the election still holds even without the support and mandate of the people. They resorted into shortening monthly wages/salaries of workers unpaid salaries or elsewhere from their wide range of looting offices to bribe people to campaign for them, to buy people's old voters cards, and even importing voters from outside the state.

Finally, the Indigenous of Biafra has accepted the challenge to know between the government and the people who really own the land. And they through IPOB leadership have advised every Biafran indigene in or within Anambra axis to stay away from Anambra election and to boycott it in its totality hence October 18th to BIAFRANS have become an OFE NSALA DAY.

As the case may have been proven to be, all the citizens of Anambra State are implored to refrain from the unnecessary voting since our votes do not count for us. There must be massive turn up because we have pledged allegiance to restore our land. The people of Anambra should make the choice, vote one more time and experience ones more the usual horror scene of a ruling government. Make your choice, you own the land.

Publisher: Prince Richmond C. Amadi 

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