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■ 011, OCT 2017 

This Message is targeted on saving the life of the entire Biafra youths, men, and women. I want the Anambrarians to think and play wisely by boycotting this upcoming election on November 18th, because voting them in, means giving them the certificate of killing us in our houses, Schools, and marketplaces. All hands must be on deck to make sure that the further plan of the Nigerian government to exterminate Biafrans is abruptly put to a stop. Since the inception of elections in Nigeria, it's shameful and something that is skeptical to know that we as a people cannot boldly give an account of any right governance that has been useful to us if not killing and subjugation of innocent citizens. They have always proven that they are a wolf in sheep clothing; see them come with their empty promises and see how they finally emerge winners and automatically turns back to devour same people that voted them in. They will sheepishly sell us to their northern slave masters and turns out to be killing, kidnapping and harassing us on a daily basis. Let it be ringing down the hearts of every Biafran that further votes in Biafra Land will only result in further killing, impoverishment, and deprivation of our rights in Nigeria and this is certainly unacceptable and can not continue. It's high time we say no to voting in Biafra land entirely and not even Anambra state alone because we can't keep voting for poverty, inadequate electricity, death traps as roads, poor medical amenities, degraded educational systems, lack of infrastructures, non-functional seaports, and airport. My fellow Biafrans we must play wise now before we are exterminated entirely, we must ask our selves these questions, how can a graduate turn to Okada rider or Keke rider after spending years in school? Why must we vote while the government cannot be able to provide the needed amenities for their voters? How can we vote again when they have our land landlocked by shutting down our airports and seaports and have them transferred to the West and Northern part of the country? This is the right time our people should take up their destinies in their hands; a word is enough for the wise, and this time we must play wisely by putting a stop to all this rubbish. Don't be in a hurry to forget that if you come out on November 18th you will be killed by the happily triggered zoo army because they have planned to use the captured Boko Haram in their custody against people; they have been provided them with Biafran T-shirt equipped with gun to kill our brothers sisters mothers fathers and uncles so that they can justify their earlier claims which state that IPOB is a terrorist group. I plead with all Biafrans, especially Anambrans to save their lives and that of their households by staying back home. Enjoy your selves with Ofe Nsala and other things you can afford, may Chiukwu Okike Abiama protect and guide us as we adhere to this information.

Joseph. O. Ogudu Edited By Ugochinyere For Umuchiukwu writers.
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