By Ugochinyere Onyehere, Lucky Chibundu [Editor], 12/10/2017

The news coming in from the whole of Biafra land which has escalated nationwide has been confirmed by every authenticity that the Nigerian government is absolutely and tenaciously planning towards exterminating the Biafra people without any iota of remorse.  It’s obvious, tenable and proven otherwise that the Nigerian government is serious mindedly seeking for every means to destroy and wipe out the Biafra race.

 Gathered information has it that schools, markets and public places in Biafra land have been deserted following the unwarranted invasion of military armed forces of Nigeria in what they called free medication.

Anambra, Imo, Delta, Enugu, Ebonyi Bayelsa is on a boiling point; following the incidents. It was verified and confirmed that there was no formal announcement to justify this very exercise as was carried out by the Nigerian military men in Biafra Land.

However, this exercise was carried out in Bayelsa some weeks ago by the Nigeria military and the aftermath resulted in the mass contamination of a deadly disease called "MONKEYPOX" without any remedial vaccine or drug for a cure.

This same exercise has metamorphosed to other parts of Biafra Land due to the forceful motives of this military men and this should be of great concerns to every sane mind.
Students and pupils have vacated schools and have no hope to return sooner.

We are alerting all Biafrans to stay clear from all forms of illegal treatments especially from the Nigerian government. This is because of the intentions of the Nigeria government patently evil. Therefore we must exempt our children and wards from partaking in such offer.

We are also informing the world on the biological war that has been imposed on Biafrans. The Nigerian government is on the verge of endangering the Biafra populace. The immense deduction of our population is their latest priority.
Therefore, humanity and all those who are subconscious of this genocidal war against Biafrans should come to the aid of Biafrans.

Lately, it was called Operation Python Dance two, Operation Crocodile Tears, Crocodile Smile two and finally, poisonous medications that generate and causes Monkey Pox. This is unfair and must be addressed nationally and internationally with immediate effect.

The Nigerian government under their disguised and marauding soldiers should leave our land; we aren’t in any need of medications. The northern part of Nigeria is in greater need of such medical attention.

Publisher:  Prince Richmond C. Amadi 

For Umuchiukwu Writers.
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