Tukur Burutai: Chief Terrorist of Nigerian Army
By Charles Ogbu

Those who deploy soldiers to civilian spaces except in war time or rare cases where civil authorities are over-stretched, are nothing short of murderers because soldiers basically understand just two clauses:
Open Fire
Cease Fire.
Anyone sending soldiers to administer any form of vaccines or whatever medical aide to school kids without sensitizing the parents of the kids and authorities in the area, have ulterior motives. Such a person should be feared. He couldn't have meant well.
In sane clime, touching school kids, asking them any question or making them participate in any activity not related to their academic well-being WITHOUT the consent of the parents or caregivers, even with the consent of the school, will attract a court case or even a bullet in the head in areas where guns can be easily acquired.
But I understand that Nigeria has a way of messing up people's psyche and damaging their thought process. This is why an adult Nigerian with a University exposure will proudly blame people for suspecting the worst of an army which embarks on free medical jamboree for the same people it visited with a festival of death just few weeks before with no enlightenment, no explanations, no nothing!
Just a loaded gun! Force! Brute force!
Why not?
Aren't Ndigbo a conquered people?
I refuse to take gospel from Mr Lucifer!
Even with all the sensitization in the whole wide world, I will let myself be consumed by worm before taking any free gift, vaccines or not, from the same army that just massacred dozens of my kind, maimed hundreds and drowned another dozens.
Such an army is a killer. My killer cannot be my healer.
Ask the Nigerian army and all those supporting this idiocy,
What is the name of the drug they are administering to people's children in Ala-Igbo??? None of them knows. If they do, they haven't told us.
What are they vaccinating people against? Mind you, they started it even before the outbreak of monkeypox so it COULDN'T have been monkeypox vaccine, assuming monkeypox has a vaccine. If it is not vaccination, what is it??
Why are they doing it through the back-door without proper sensitization??? What are they hiding?
Why did they not take the state govt along, seeing as Anambra state governor just instructed them to suspend it few hours ago??
Let us even assume but not concede that Nigerian army is strictly trained to play mother Theresa every now and then. The question is, should the army play mother Theresa to Ndigbo immediately after playing Father Hitler to the same Ndigbo by murdering their youths and drowning others in a muddy water as we watched in that grotesque video???
Can our Pharaoh be our Moses at the same time??
Can our arsonist be our firefighter at the same time??
Can a dancing Python play our Medical Doctor at the same time??
I've said it before and I am forced to repeat it now, Nigerian army is an army of occupation. Their presence in the southeast is provocative.
Ndigbo do not have any confidence in the Nigerian army. We do not even have confidence in this govt as a whole considering Buhari's deep seated hatred for Igbos which he has never hidden.
If there is going to be any medical exercise against any disease in the southeast, it MUST be fully publicized and adequate sensitization programme carried out by RELEVANT agencies, not an army that has proven it has insatiable taste for Igbo blood. For now, it has not been announced anywhere that there is a vaccine against monkeypox. So, the army should take their free medical service to the IDPs in the NorthEast. They can even dash some of their equipment like syringes, cotton will etc to Asorock clinic where those things are more needed.
Just so we are clear,
Ndigbo have no issues with taking free medical service. They have issues with the body (Nigerian army) giving the service, the clandestine manner it was being handled and most importantly, the timing.

Charles Ogbu
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