Even at their own innocency, they were still murdered and slaughtered as a fowl. They were killed for no course nor reason, their bloods was spilt all over the streets like an ocean. No one allegedly accused them of any crime, neither were they even brought before the panel for trial. Their crimes was just singing and praying at their own comfort venue, no with standing, they came their and slaughtered them all. How
on earth could these insurgent act perpetrated on the lives of the innocent be waved aside? Is it not time we take some actions ourselves? Is it not time we make up our minds in unity and resolve these issue at once? Obiano has done much harm than good in Anambra State, so also has his predecessors and slave masters done, even more to the people of Biafra as a whole.

On 30th may 2016, the people of the indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB), were at Nkpor praying and paying some respect to those who died in war during the 1967-1970 civil war in Biafra land. They were honestly praying and mourning, when Obiano and his security agents came and attacked them. They sniffed life out of these innocent men and made them die hard. As if that was never enough for them, they still took their bodies away, poured acids on them then buried them on mass grave. "These remains an act of heartlessness.

Never the less, on 6th of August 2017, another relative act was also unleash upon the lives of some innocent Christian worshippers at Ozubulu Catholic church in Ekwusige local government area of Anambra state. People were killed and blood was spilled all over the church auditorium. The so called Governor who was made to be in charge of the protection of the lives and property of its citizens never done anything about these. With these act and reluctant altitude of these so called Governor and politicians, I will indisputably put it to the whole world that, the hands of these men are involved in the killings of innocent men. A governor is undoubtedly made to protect, preserve and secure both the lives and properties of its citizens. They are
meant to provide their people with some substantial basic facilities, but these men would never do so. Rather the would in the order hands prefer exalting money meant for the use of state development, and exporting them. These men failed to adhere, obtain and observe the whole rudiments guiding human life. With out refraining, I will put it to you that these men are blood sockets, and that they are on a mission to exterminate the people of Anambra as a whole and hand them over to the Islamic people.

Still not retreating, Obiano on the 16th day of August 2017, after being declared as the APGA primaries election winner on the 15th of August 2017, went ahead to shoot at the indigenous people of Biafra Ekwulobia, who were out, patiently waiting for the arival of their leader. Obiano killed 3 of their men and left many others injured. The
question now remains, why all these killings? Why all the blood sheds? Why all these reckless acts? Now the answers now remains that, these men are not out their protect we who are the citizens of their State. They are only out their to make money, make firm and claim power. These men are outrageously selfish and heartless, therefore I see no reason why we as people would still look at all their outrageous act and skills and still wish to vote them in.

In conclusion, what action could we take stop them from these their murderous act and behavior? Frankly speaking, since we as a people are no longer save in these nation, despite having a government and leaders of our own who oversees our protection, and since they have chosen themselves to be incapable of handling and running the nations and States, it's better we stop voting them in and remain as a people without a government. Therefore we stand firm and say no election in Anambra state. We must Boycott all elections until Biafra is restored.

Written by: Chukwudi Prince Okeze
For: Abia Media team,

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