The attack at St. Philip Catholic church Ozubulu, which left the community in tears was carried out by Hausa/Fulani terrorists, reports has said.

The incident was considered as inhumane and act of wickedness, the community were also in a confused state as the Anambra state governor Willie Obiano did not carry out proper investigation on the matter rather he compromised the situation, paid the media to publish lies against some people who do not know anything on the matter.

This is a perfect example of what we are passing through under the Nigerian government, they all sit and watch innocent lives waste, had it been that Obiano's compound was the one attacked, that would be only when we will see the Nigerian government reacting and tracking down the terrorists. I pity the Yorubas whose media are being paid to publish so many lies against Biafrans, they think they are exempted. They lack investigative skills to uncover what has happened.

This unfortunate incident has shown that all that has been happening in Biafra land are all in collaboration with our traditional rulers, our leaders in various places and our youths who lack focus, but they will not succeed, Biafra must come.

Therefore I urge all my fellow Biafrans to be aware of a serious threat ahead of us, we should not trust those people in power, especially our Chiefs, Ohaneze, and other political office holders, who have been bribed to endanger our lives. Our youths should be wary of these people.

As they are on their last battle, we should always be at alert for our own security, as it is now certain that there is no adequate security anywhere in our land. Looking at the event at Ozubulu is an example of insecurity in Biafraland by the government.

- Ogechukwu Nwobodo
  Enugu Media Team
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