For the insurmountable atitude of the Nigerian government, the indespeakable act of disobidence by the Citizens must be the most vital weapon of warfare to desert their misbehavioural life style and
conducts. Therefore, Civil disobidence simply means; Refusal by a large group of people to obey particular laws or pay taxes usually as a form of peaceful political protest. With no benefit of doubt, the definition gives a clearer picture of what a civilized country look's like. Unlike a nation like Nigeria, its so obvious That they bragg to Be democractic and civilized, yet reverse kept being the case.

On 14th october 2015, the leader of the indeginous people of Biafra (IPOB) and director of Radio Biafra(RB) Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, was arrested and detained for one year and six months in the prison for just
execersing his civil and democractic human right in a nation where in democracy is been practised. Fundamental human right has it that every man is entitled to freedom of speech and self determination. Yet that of Nnamdi Kanu was outrightly voilated as well as many others. If the
leader of a particular country could voilated the laws and constitutions guiding a Nation, how much more its Citizens? Its high time the Citizens of these nation, more especially (the people of Biafra) will rise and take laws in to their hands.

In most Nations, People express their feelings each time they are disactified with most situations trending in their nation, they go about the streets protesting and expressing their concerns about the ill condition of the country. Yet the leaders and Government of such countries would never in any way shoot at or arrest anyone of them, they would only asign security agents to guide and protect them from been hurted.

Frankly speaking, it must be done to the Citizens of such a nation like Nigeria, that the country do not have laws neither do they have constitutions guiding them any more. More importantly, they must have it in mind that these country was contrapted and has all these years
been indirectly governored by their colonist who forcefully brought them together in the 1906s. They must have it in mind as well, that if they choose to keep paying obscience to these contrapted nation, they would end up lossing their whole right and identity as a full fleshed human being. The whole lives of the Citizens of these nation would totally be at a briskfull risk and denger, and it is time they biging to take laws in to their hands because that remains the only solution to their problems.

Futhermore, civil disobidence could simply imply; Boycotting of elections, avoidance of taxes and also disassociation from any form of political or Governmental activity. In most cases, (in some civilized countries like United States and Eaurope), People will always express their feelings by disassociating themselves from all form of Governmental and political activities, these will help let the Government understand the grivances of the people and how bittered they must have been. Then, the Government would in turn, rather than fighting those who were invovled in the activity of self determination, they would instead go as far as seeking for a way to
settle their dispositions and put things in order once again.

Since the Nigerian government are not interested on the well being of its Citizens, it is mostly adviceable that its Citizens must stop functioning as members and patronages of their Government, nor should they in any way take part in any activity organised by them. Actually, these would help make them understand how they have been feeling all these years and that they no longer want to be part of the country any more.

Finally, Biafrans must stand firm and Boycott every Elections, they must not take part in any act of vote for the Nigerian government or even get invovled in their political affairs. They must remain resolute and focused with out been distracted untill they achieve their visions and mission with REFERENDUM.

Written by: Chukwudi Prince Okeze
For: Abia media team.
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