Hope RISES. People's eyes are wide open with great anticipation. Since Biafra referendum is already few days away from today, a lot of questions are asked and calls keep coming to Abia Central Media Writers' Press. It is time for these concerned calls from Biafrans all over the world to know that their own tested and trusted Media outfit, Abia Central Writers, considered it necessary to create this update. 

A referendum, especially the one necessitated by an agitation for a sovereign state like Biafra, is an election-like exercise where the indigenous people of the territory demanding exit from another are asked to come together to vote, with the options of "yes or no".

Any layman in Biafraland who wishes to know should be told that Biafra referendum is an election exercise where all of us will vote to either actualize Biafra or reject her. Lets tell our fathers and mothers, our aged men and women, our youths and elders that if they vote "yes" for Biafra, then we and our children unborn will escape the danger coming from Hausa /Fulani (zoo), their foreign ally,  Britain, Boko Haram, death, rape and starvation. We will have peace of mind and one love. 

All hands must be on deck to begin serious sensitization in our villages all over Biafraland without any more delay. Let's tell them the truth through our print media, social network, radio, posters, churches, billboards, schools, music, and pictures of how the zoo killed and raped our mothers and daughters; how they killed our fathers and brothers. Biafra is the only hope, only paradise, only life we can see - the last Miracle on earth. 

No more election. For more than 50years now we have been voting. We have been electing, with nothing to show for it. No good roads, no good drinking water, electricity is the worst, and for the past seven months now the Government has not paid salary to civil servants, even pension is now talk for the dead or you can call it "story for the gods". Market shops, road side shops now pay huge amount of money to Government. No employment for the teeming graduates and no hospital for the sick. Our security are now victimising us. Odiegwu.

They make us refugees in our land, our youths now are running away from the country. We say a resounding  no to these. We can't vote again. No more election. No to the belated call for restructuring. We need referendum. Biafra is here.

- Hart Chikwado Chiemela(40:40)
  Abia Media Team.
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