•As IPOB Youths Begins Evangelism At Nara Community 

ENUGU— The Enugu State chapter of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, on Sunday, 30th July, 2017, installed a new family at the Nyama New layout area of the state following the inauguration of the Elephant zone with a huge number of locals in attendance.

The Nyama New layout area is notably one of the places hugely occupied by the presence of Fulani herdsmens in the state, and that has brought about the need for the residents to be alert and prepared against any possible attack by the rampaging herdsmen who before now have been invading their farmlands and destroying their crops with their cattle.

However, the opening of the Elephant zone in the area has somehow extinguished fear, anxiety and has restored hope and confidence on the people inhabiting the area.

Speaking during the inauguration, the Coordinator of the zone Prophet Obiora Nnaji, assured the people that Biafra has come to stay and that there's no going back on the project which he said is “a divine project of God”.

He dismissed the doubt expressed by people who thinks that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will not restore Biafra, saying that he(Kanu) is God's messenger who was purposely sent to liberate the people of Biafra from the forced and unholy marriage concocted by Britain through an evil colonial master, Frederick Luggard.

He said, “We're here today to inaugurate this zone which is very much important so that we can move the struggle forward. This is Elephant zone and we must shake everywhere. You can imagine how the Elephant is. It is a very large animal and IPOB is the biggest and largest society of people of Chukwuokike Abiama. We don't fill registration forms neither do we have ID cards. We're people who have come out to achieve Biafra and we deserve liberty.

“We're not agitating for Biafra but we're restoring Biafra and whether the zoo(Nigeria) likes it or not, Biafra must come and Biafra we must get.

“We're unstoppable! You can see the way God Almighty is fighting for us, you can see the way the Creator of the universe is disgracing the enemies of Biafra and whether they like it or not, Biafra must stand.

“To restore Biafra is a task for everyone and we're depending and putting our trust and hope on God and also standing with Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who have opened our eyes to know that we're not part of Nigeria, we're the people of Chukwuokike Abiama, we're Biafrans.

“We don't need to be afraid of anybody, we're only fighting for our rights. We're not here for the sake of restructuring, we're here to make sure that Biafra stands. God has ordained that Biafra must stand and he told me that I must stand for Biafra to come and today, I am standing and I'm not afraid.

“Wherever Nnamdi Kanu goes, there we shall go, where he's standing, we'll stand. Remember there will be no election in Anambra come November 18. It is going to also reflect to all states in Biafraland, not just in Anambra until Biafra is restored. We're possessing our possession and Biafra is liberty, Biafra is justice, Biafra is freedom, so we're standing without fear…”

Also speaking, the Deputy Coordinator of One Day zone, Mr. Ugochukwu Nwaigwe, seized the opportunity to take a swipe at the Southeast leaders for neglecting the sufferings of the people, adding that they have never exhibited the true selfless quality leadership desired by the people and that they have rather maintained deafening silence even in the brutal killing of Biafrans by herdsmen and the Nigerian security forces.

He posited that many people are now embracing Biafra, stating that during a meeting held last week, a Ghanaian guest had expressed sympathy and support for the restoration of Biafra, reiterating that Biafra is a divine mandate from God.

“If God hasn't sent Nnamdi Kanu, he would have died in prison. But because God is with him, we will triumph in all our endeavours and God will shame all our enemies including those that has shed innocent blood of IPOB members in Nigeria.

“I was in full support of establishing a new family zone here right from the beginning in all fulfilment of the mandate our leader has given me. So, go and tell others that Biafra is a divine mandate and according to a court pronouncement, IPOB is legalized,” he said.

On his part, the State Coordinator, Mazi Ikechukwu Egbo Nwodo, commended the zonal Coordinator, Prophet Nnaji for keeping the blazing fire in him unquenchable through his massive evangelism and sensitization which has resulted to an excellent achievement by raising such number of people to set up a zone.

Earlier during his speech, the Deputy Coordinator of the zone, Mr. Chidiebere Kamah, intimated members with the rules, principles and guidelines expected of an IPOB member and a Biafra freedom fighter in particular.

He passionately warned against sabotaging the struggle through any guise, stressing the consequences that awaits anyone who goes against the oath of allegiance they have taken, even as he charged members to always bear the mark of Biafra wherever they go.

Kamah said, “If you know that this will deny us Biafra and you continue to do it, you have sabotaged Biafra. If you see that this flag kept here will bring Biafra if kept in another place, and you feign ignorant of it, reluctant or less concerned, know it that you've sabotaged the struggle”.

Not less than 60 indigenous persons was baptized with the gospel of Biafra at the event.

IPOB Youths Begins Biafra Restoration Campaign In Enugu Communities

In a bid to extend the gospel for the restoration of Biafra to the remote villages in Enugu State, youths of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, on Sunday, embarked on massive evangelism and sensitization of the people at Nara community in Nkanu East Local Government of the State.

They criss-crossed through the strategic places and markets of the Unateze town, flying the bright colours of the Biafra flag as they danced and sang Biafra songs of freedom.

Speaking to one of our reporters, one of the youths identified as Ezinwanne Emmanuel, said, “We decided to embark on this evangelism today so as to tell the people that Biafra is alive and to let them know that we are not part of Nigeria and that we are now ready to go.”

“We want to let people who are yet to join the struggle to know that Biafra has come to stay. Let them come and join this family because only this family can save us.

“Our Supreme leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is a man that is ever ready to sacrifice his life and we're ready to die with him while getting Biafra. Let them join us as this is the only way they can be freed from the bondage of the Nigerian government.”

- Chukwuemeka Chimerue, Kingsley Chibuzor, and Okoh Chinecherem 
   Enugu Media Team 
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