A referendum is a general vote where citizens of a nation are asked to make a decision on a specific question. 

 In many countries, referendum are held only to make a change to the constitution or to an existing law. In others, any individual of voting age can initiate a popular vote. Nations, states, provinces, cities or villages all have their own referendums and the rules vary from place to place along with the criteria for success. 

 Based on that, it is with great concern that we alert the international community of the looming genocide against the Igbos in the northern part of Nigeria, occasioned by a well orchestrated carefully thought after plot by the northern hierarchy hiding under the Arewa youths. Their latest ranting which they packaged as a letter to the acting president has left one in doubt as to their motive; a grand design to annihilate the Igbo race. This they want to achieve so easily through the packaged false history which they have now dished out to the gullible minds in order to create a passion, hatred for the Igbos in the minds of their people. 

In the light of that, the federal government will be plagued with fire if it continues to delay the conduct of a referendum to allow component units in Nigeria to determine their future. I hereby, stated it out categorically that the only solution to the present political imbroglio is for the federal government of Nigeria to conduct a  referendum in order to set free some component units of the country that are seeking for self determination. 

Furthermore, the call for referendum by the IPOB, MASSOB and other agitating groups in the country doesn't amount to war or violence, but a peaceful and good settlement of the present turmoil in the country and also to enable the federal government to determine the areas they are lacking behind and the reasons for the agitations. In the same token, i am hereby admonishing the Ohaneze Ndigbo and it's youth wing not to risk the lives and property of Ndigbo through their unguarded utterances that is capable of undermining the IPOB agenda and aspirations. 

#No Referendum #No Election      

   IPOB Lagos Media Team. 
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