– Igwe Of Ikem Called The Community Members To Support Biafra.

The IPOB Enugu family has finally kickoff to spread the gospel of Biafra restoration down to every nooks and crannies of Enugu State Biafra Land just as the movement has began already in all the three Senetorial district zone. 

The evangelism rally that hold in Isiuzor local government area is successful one that have added a positive impact in the hope for Biafra to the people of Ikem under the Isi-Uzor local government.

The evangelism rally emerged as a matter of the court case of our brothers that were arraigned for a trial at the magistrate court Ikem Isiuzor LGA. The court update was that the case was adjourned to 29th of August 2017.

However, during the evangelism rally the IPOB family also storm the Igwe's palace with solidarity song telling the Igwe and the entire villages that there is no elections in Biafra land. The traditional ruler of Ikem community in Isi-Uzo Local Government Area of Enugu State, Igwe, Amb. Francis Okwo who also expressed his love for the Biafra restoration as a duty of every traditional rulers all over Biafra land to fully support the restoration and also state why Biafra is the last hope for the Igbo race. 
The Igwe also expressed his gratitude by giving the IPOB a sum of one thousand naira and a bottle of foreign wine as a token to support Biafra restoration. He also promised to make sure that IPOB family stand in his community for the sake of the struggle.

IPOB also tell him to give his support as the traditional ruler of the community to boycott any form of election in Isi-uzor, Ikem and most especially on the aspect the upcoming Local government chairman elections in Enugu State.

In conclusion, the IPOB Enugu family had been trying very well in propagating the gospel of Biafra restoration to the rural areas all round the Enugu State and also to let people know that IPOB and Biafrans will not permit any election in Biafra land.

- Egwuatu chukz 
  Enugu Media.
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