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■ 02,August 2017 
Marriage is the legal union of a man and a woman." So we learned in school. But that is the legal perspective. There is God's perspective, which is the Supreme (ultimate) perspective. In the Supreme perspective, the foundation of every true marriage is love. That is to say, the man and the woman must be so much in possession of love that they can indeed give love to each other. Nobody can give what he does not have. To give love, you must have love. God is love, and love is God. So the love which forms the foundation of every true marriage is God. To possess God is to possess love. To live a life devoid of God means that one doesn't have love and therefore cannot give love. And a person that cannot give love is incapax nubendi (incapable of marriage). So, from God's perspective, a sinner cannot marry. Yes, once you are living in sin, you cannot marry because God does not dwell with a sinner. This implies that as far as God is concerned, many people that are "married" are not truly married. Many of the things we call marriages are counterfeit marriages...things that look like marriages but are no marriages. A theological maxim says, "Matrimony is a sacrament of the living and not of the dead." Most people understand this maxim to imply "dead" and "living" in the physical sense, but it implies "death" and "living" in the spiritual sense. If God is not in a person, the person is DEAD spiritually. So, matrimony is meant for those who have God (love) in them. Unless the "love" that is shared in a "marriage" is God, it is no marriage at all. It is only when the love that is shared is God that it is a true marriage. Then, everything that results from that marriage is born of God. And the family which will result would be born of love (God). The Godless state of our society (the world) shows that there are very few true marriages. The society is made up of families, and therefore reflects the state of these families. So, the Godlessness in our society (the world) indicates Godless families .families that are products of things that look like marriages but are no marriages. Biafrans have been treated with disrespect and have been subjected to cold civil war since 1970 till date. We not carried along in the scheme of things in the country called Nigeria hence their agitation for Biafra. Take, for example, I know yoruba parents that warned their daughters strictly never to marry Biafra men and one of the daughters asked why and the father said no reason, but he didn't want anything that would associate him with Biafrans. In a similar vein, a Muslim northerner can never allow his daughters get married to a Biafra man in the Nigeria of today, but their men are at liberty to marry Biafra women and convert them to Islam. There are cases where some tribes detest to hear the Biafra - Igbo language spoken to their ears.

Look at the lopsided appointments in this APC led administration, does it speak oneness, unity, and love of a country they claim belongs to all? Employment in big federal government agencies is secretly made with mostly Hausa-Fulani and Yorubas dominating the entire work force with few or no Biafra person employed, e.g., custom with Hausa-Fulani as their dominant language, the same with NNPC, Army, Navy, etc. A Biafra military personnel is retired compulsorily on getting to the post of a Major General or its equivalent. You don't see a Biafra soldier getting to the post of a General. If they really wanted us to be one, then they should have acted like one and treat everybody equally as the failure to do that has consumed and sink Nigeria. Those who are complaining about the Biafra agitation are those who are benefiting from the deceptive structure of Nigeria. It is actually a slavish mentality to assume Nigeria's Unity is non-negotiable. It's borne out of the cancerous mindset built in the minds of Africans by the colonialists. How can Biafrans , Hausas and Yorubas be living separately and fine and one white man comes around and forces them to live together and when these forced people realizes that the forced unity is in an attempt to enslave them because of their God given natural resources, they ask for a return and some mindless muffins will say it is not possible when it is glaring to the face that nothing seems to be working, in fact, the union is cursed because it is not endorsed by the almighty God. Hence, these guys really messed up the minds of Africans. How can Biafrans, be enjoying life when there was little modern technology, and someone will say Biafrans will suffer if Nigeria splits? How do people think? What many non- Biafrans do not understand is that Biafrans number one priority in life is not about making money, rather it is the freedom to pursue their God given destiny without artificial hindrance as currently obtained in the forced union called Nigeria. The second issue is a lack of fairness, equity, and justice. The Biafra culture and mindset is very strong on these issues.
These two issues are what is driving the agitation. Biafra businesses lost billions of naira by over serving the sit at home if it's all about money they would have ignored the order. Keep in mind that Hitler confiscated billions of dollars in Jewish properties and businesses. The Jews lost everything they had worked hard to accumulate all over Europe. Today some of the richest people in Europe and the entire world are Jewish, from Zuckerberg of Facebook to Sergei Brin of Google. Biafrans will start from scratch if need be and still prosper greatly because it's the culture and in their nature. If that be the case, then the solution is self-determination to Biafra so they can chart their own course and control their destiny. (To Be Continued) WRITTEN BY EZEKWEREOGU JOHN FOR UMUCHIUKWU WRITERS
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