The personality of an ideal Biafran is one who is bound for justice. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is Biafra personified and the millions of IPOB members all over the world have proven that Biafrans are ready to die for what they believe.  We are Biafrans and it is high time the world respect us for who we are.  As Biafrans we must be allowed the right to our sovereignty, we must reclaim our identity as a nation and we must reclaim our place in Africa and in the world at large. We seek that justice must rule over injustice, Nigerian tyranny and hypocrisy must be brought to book.  We have made it clear in our peaceful rallies that we do not need to shoot Nigerians to get Biafra restored because we are civilized, democratic and peace loving people but we must be allowed to express ourselves and stand for our right, the British divide and rule system that brought us to where we are have always been resisted and cannot at any time be tolerated in Biafra.

The British colonization put the knife between that which is binding me and my brother but there is one thing they could not and cannot do, drain that which runs in our blood, the life in the bone marrow, which is the stronger cord that binds Biafrans together and that is the spirit that cries for justice.

There is a difference between what the British brought to us that put a knife between what is biding between me and my brothers that made things fall apart and the center could no longer hold and what our fathers gave to us.  There is something in our blood that cannot be drained off by colonization, religious dogmas and the hypocrisy of dirty politics. There is something deep in our blood stream that makes
us Biafra; it is that justice may prevail at all time. It is in our blood that the British knife could not cut. We have been pushed down severally, scattered all over the world and ridiculed to extinction but we have refused to die. We keep running towards justice. Biafra can never be like Nigeria and Biafra cannot be in extinction because there is nothing you can do to the truth except to allow it to prevail. This is why the Biafran ideology of governance remains the best in the world and Biafra insists on it, that is what we believe. 

It is our native government structure that the world picked and called democracy. We were already democratic before the world civilization and the British knew this but they brought autocracy, planted it in Nigeria’s foundation, manipulated it and hypocritically made it look like democracy, positioned illiterates at the foundation and made the elites slaves in their highly respected positions.  Sitting in big offices but empty in leadership always needed the British powers to execute their functions as if they need to borrow heads from London to sit in Aso rock.

Nigeria was originally designed for the military. The illiterate military quickly took the power already placed at their door steps to steer the boiling autocracy and made it revolve among themselves. They seem to understand the laws of tyranny.  The same people who started the game in military uniforms are now experts in muftis. How is it that the electoral process succumbed to option A4?  In all these, Biafrans have always stood their grounds to say NO! This resulted into a civil war.

It is clear that Laggard’s contraption called Nigeria was never designed to be a democratic nation. This is why the only successful government in Nigeria was the military dictatorship which operates in a state of anarchy.  It was only in a condition like this that the tyrannous Buhary became very relevant even in a serious health
condition, his shadows are so relevant in the hands of the cabals because he is anarchy personified.  He is a true Nigerian and he has been their best tool used to ridicule the identity of Biafrans, suppress and dehumanize them but Biafra has risen, never to fall again.

As for democracy, it has never worked and can never work in Nigeria. The British contraption was never designed to be independent or democratic because the British imposed themselves in an indirect rule till today and they depend on the tyrannous Nigerian military to achieve this.  They so designed it that when Nigeria called for their independence, Nnamdi Azikiwe on his independence speech said they got it at the platter of gold.  Should independence be gotten at a platter of gold yet they have worked hard to extinct Biafrans from their God given land for calling for referendum.

Biafra seek justice in calling for a referendum and Nigeria injustice cannot allow her to acknowledge that Biafran referendum is the only chance for cordial relationship and peaceful resolution.  Should United Nations not rise to their core responsibility by using their good office to compel Nigeria to do the needful and respect the right of the Indigenous People of Biafra? Justice delayed is justice denied. To deny Biafrans justice is an indirect means of planning their extinction because it is either we the Indigenous People of Biafra get Biafra restored or die restoring it.  God bless Biafra.

Written By: Bright Oriaku
State Media (Anambra)
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