Author:       Ikenna Ozulumba Mbaegbu 
Editor:         Nwa-Ada Ugochinyere 
Date:            1st July, 2017

In recent time, I came in contact with a good friend of mine whose name is Emenjo Offorbuike. After exchanging many pleasantries, our discussion took another twist and we started deliberating on the issue of religion and Biafra agitation. During this our discussion, I had observed that my friend, Offorbuike seemed to have a jaundiced view of the Biafra Agitation especially its position on religious matters. In all, I had gathered that the juxtaposition of religion and Biafra agitation seems to raise fear in the minds of many Biafrans.

Our conversation went like this:

Emenjo: My good friend Ozulumba, I like the way you joined the Umuchiukwu writers’ forum because it's a way of developing your writing skills and it will widely open your sight and insights towards a better understanding of your society and environment as well. But I wouldn't like in a situation whereby it would deprive you some important things as regard s to your plans for the future. Please don't be wholly dependent on the issue of Biafra, because the agitation for now; since the arrival of Nnamdi Kanu is no longer stable. Meaning that many things are falling apart. Please, approach this issue objectively.

Me: Thanks for your care my dear friend. But being in the struggle doesn't deprive me of anything, rather it improves me immensely. I now have something to live and die for. Truly, I am really enjoying every bit of it. We are at war (Media war) and I see myself as one of the soldiers at the war front. With our pen and paper, we will dismantle the lies peddled by the zoo  (Yoruba) brown envelope  gutter media press against the Indigenous people of Biafra. 

Emenjo: Correct!   

Me: In your statement above, and I quote: "...Please don't be wholly dependent on the issue of Biafra, because the agitation for now; since the arrival of Nnamdi Kanu is no longer stable.” How exactly do you mean by this?

Emenjo:  Yes, I said so because since the man arrived, many issues started to unfold as regards to the agitation. The juxtaposition of religion and Biafra struggle is a very dangerous thing. There are lots of questions troubling people's minds whether they would have freedom of religion or they would be caged to a particular religious belief.

Me: Hahahaha! Mazi Emenjo you make me laugh but continue. The fact here remains that the truth is always scary. People are always afraid of the things they do not understand so I wouldn't blame you much. Even the Americans had the same feelings as you about DONALD J. TRUMP before he came into power, especially the LGBT society…(Emenjo cuts in)

 Emenjo: We're talking about a nation to be born and you're referring to a country that has been in existence just the issue of who to rule them. Please don't try to compare the two!

Me: Before now, the likes of you were saying Mazi Nnamdi Kanu would not make it out of the zoo prison. Now that he's out, you are afraid of the denial of freedom of worship when Biafra is restored. Let me ask you, would you have preferred being together with the Hausa/Fulani people and get Islamized by them? It is laughable to have you of all people saying all these negative things about my leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and his idea of Biafra restoration. Look at the type of religion we practice today, is it worth it? You are afraid of Judaism being practiced in Biafra land, but Christians   in Nigeria and across Biafra land often travel to Jerusalem in Israel on a pilgrimage, why don't they travel to ROME for that same purpose? Hahahahahahaha! Africans are daft! Truly we have been duped by the Europeans who hijacked Christianity from the original people (Israel) that own it, and mixed it up with their own culture and tradition and used it to continue to dominate and rule over Africa. It is indeed appalling to see our African brothers even in this modern world, continue to cling on to and fight very hard to protect this not original Christianity the white man had brought to us. They have refused to be free from their slave masters even though we are now in a turbulent and fast-moving world which requires one to reason properly and as well be in constant motion to keep up.  

Emenjo: OK ooh, now I'm convinced fully on what the masses agitate about. So it's true that Nnamdi Kanu is a religious extremist; I thought it was a rumor that would have an atom of truth in it. But having heard from you, I can now balance and bring out my own idea whenever I see such posts discussing the issue mostly on social media.

I am not here to argue the religion that is the best because it's none of my business. Neither am I here to defend a particular religion. But the majority of the Easterners care about this. My concern is to tell you what I have perceived recently and what I still perceive. Religion is a very strong entity among the people. As such, no man's religion should be played or tampered with; that is the major problem we're having together in the contraption called Nigeria, as you normally put it. The zeal with which some folks agitate for Biafra is so climaxed that some would even give up their lives instead of given up Biafra. But if you are observant enough you will notice the demoralizing spirit in the minds of some agitators, that’s among those who strongly believe. What will then be the faith of those yet to be converted?

Recently, a lot of questions have been posed as regards to the struggle. I have given this issue a thought and observed that na 'ekwensu abiala mmeme' (Evil spirit has come to the feasting ground). Yes, believe you me, there's low morale amongst most of the Easterners as regards to Biafra issue. The juxtaposition of religion and Biafra struggle will do more harm than good. Why? Because the Igbo people happened to be one of the tribes in Nigeria that are very hard to convince and Christianity is their major religion. How one could rose up overnight and started speaking with contempt about the religion of the people is what baffles me! And you know the implication here? Some Biafran’s destructive critics will stand there as their major points in criticizing Biafra. What I'm saying, in essence, is that religion is not our problem in th e Eastern part of Nigeria.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu “Kara ibu uzo zota ala tupu O zowa ute.”(Kanu should have first struggle to acquire a land before fighting over a mat that will be spread on it.) Please someone should advise him so that the clamor ing for Biafra freedom, which many had lost their lives for the course will not be in vain. If he keeps on speaking about people's belief and faith, I think it's a bad omen that may bring forth danger thereafter. That's where my fear lies. 

Me: Please continue... I really am enjoying this conversation. I need more of your views based on this religious issue in contrast with BIAFRA restoration.

Emenjo:  Some people are even saying that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has no feelings for Biafra that he only wants to use Biafra to install his religion fully in the East. All these kinds of stuff wouldn't have evolved if he had not brought forth religion on the matter. In a situation whereby one will have one of the Biafra signs on his profile picture showing that he's an ardent support er of Biafra and at the same time upload a picture or signs that speak bad of Christianity and stands there to defend it drawing his illustrations from some of the sayings of Nnamdi Kanu and traditions as well. What do you think will be the people's feeling towards it? Sometimes as people are still digesting and commenting on the issue, you will see a video where Nnamdi Kanu demonstrated the likes. You know Igboist, right? One of the groups with the highest members on Facebook, that's where I see most of these things. And when I write and post they will not upload it. Another group is 'Radio Biafra London'. My dear the truth of the matter based on my observation is that he should be called to order please, so as to ensure the success of the struggle. Before, some people talked about the disunity of the Igbos and other issues like that, and now religion has been added. Who knows another one to come? He should be cautioned abeg (please)!

From our conversation above, I have discovered that most Biafran people, who are Christians, tend to harbor a negative feeling that when Biafra is restored there will be no freedom of worship in Biafra land. And this raises the question, “Is Kanu's idea of Biafra restoration the ultimate? Is he here to reform or to destroy?” but the answer to this very question is always there staring at us in our faces. Given to the actions of Ohamadike and the efforts he has put into this struggle so far to make sure that the hope of a common man is restored, one doesn’t need to be asking too many questions as regards to the agitation. In fact,  Mazi Nnamdi Kanu needs to be given an award for raising a finger at all, over the marginalization of the Biafran people. Needless to say, only he is the one to restore our freedom, religious freedom inclusive. Again to correct this wrong impression, Mazi Nnamdi kanu never said there will be no freedom of worship in Biafra land when our freedom is fully restored rather, he categorically made it clear in one of his live broadcasts on Radio Biafra, sometime in the past that the only aspect of worship he would never tolerate in Biafra land is “ISLAM” because of the very way they kill people just to protect and spread their religion. And mind you, Nnamdi Kanu is a real Christian. In fact, he is an "HEBRONITE" and he follows the teachings of YAHWEY YAHSHUA and that equally makes him a Christian. So I would advise some gullible ones among us to shun     those wrong impressions about our leader, the Ohamadike. All these lies against him are only peddled by the zoo DSS agents and alike who are out in their millions to stop the Biafra agitation. But that will never happen because Chiukwu-Okike-Abiama who sanctioned the divine project is still in heaven and all powers belong to Him. Nothing will ever stop the emergence of Biafra. It is as simple as that. They will whine, they will complain, but in the end, the spirit of Biafra will  always prevail. In the end, this God's  kingdom will be restored on this very earth.    

Publisher: Prince Richmond C. Amadi

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