Civil disobedience is our right and for Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to announce it that except the date for Biafran referendum is announced there is not going to be election here, is because he understands the principles of self determination.  The Nigerian government and those who have opened their smelly mouths are just fooling themselves in ignominy.

I have heard a lot of people saying that we should instead of boycotting the election; choose our own candidate, who we will vote for, so that we will have our own man there in the Anambra state house. But, those who are saying that are people who do not really understand the antics of Nigerian politics.

The following proves that Biafra really needs to boycott the Anambra election:

1. We Biafrans in one accord, voted for Peter Obi under APGA, so that he will represent us, instead he started obeying his masters at Abuja, to massacre Biafrans in numbers, just because they seek self determination, which is their fundamental right. He disappointed us.

This same family voted for Willie Obiano under APGA also, he even did worse than his predecessor. During our Heroes day celebration at Nkpor on the 30th of May 2017, Obiano gave the barbarian Nigerian soldiers the order to shoot and kill us, for remembering our heroes. It is
still this same family that voted for Rochas Okorocha of Imo state, under APGA. What he did was to abandon us, and join his northern blood sucking brothers. And today, he have forgotten that we voted him
there, he is instead running as an errand boy for his northern masters, and trying to oppose our freedom, of which he is already doomed to fail.

2. This is a trap to drag the name of our Leader, and the entire IPOB to the mud. It will be taken that IPOB is now a political organization, or party, instead of being an independent movement fighting for freedom. It will be so shameful and disgusting to hear that IPOB is running for a political post in Nigeria.

3.   It is nothing but a trap. We the Indigenous People of Biafra are always ahead of their techniques. What stopped our parents can never stop us. The same trap was set for our Grand leader Sir Odumegwu Ojukwu. He contested, and despite the fact that he won the election, the federal government through its agency the INEC, went to Abuja, and altered the election figures, and put who they wanted. They told Ojukwu to go to tribunal if he feels that the election was not fair. So anybody we will choose, the federal government will make sure the person did not win, even though everyone voted for him, INEC will rewrite the figures. And by then, they had already dragged us into voting. So, no way, no voting.

3.   Our fathers have been voting before we were born, we grew up, and join them in the voting. Still, we do not have anything to show for the voting. So, going to the poll again to vote is just a waste of time, and our continual slavery.

We must boycott the Anambra election, so we can get our freedom, and that of our generations to come.

- Daniel Okpe
  Abia Media
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