Umuahia stood still because Biafran leader was being crowned. Biafrans from every part of Biafra land including Chiefs, paramount Rulers, Religious heads and elderly men and women trooped into Umuahia to finally throw Nigeria into the trash and announce their determination for a Biafran Nation.  The event marked the end of Nigeria and lunched Biafra into a new dimension.

Their voices went loud and louder in echo for their solidarity to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Millions of Biafrans could not be ignored and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu could only wave his hands, assuring millions of Biafra restoration is now.  In solidarity, because they have sworn either to get Biafran restored or die for it. These are men and women that have remained resolute even in the face of tyranny. 

Having rejected Nigeria and its corrupt practices, the journey to the full restoration of Biafra becomes eminent.  Seeing the fact that our land this land was once soaked with bloods, the blood of innocent
Biafrans, Their eyes are full of expectation and strong hope and in memory full of tears and hearts are boiling, boiling with songs of sorrow to remember how millions of Biafrans were murdered in cold
blood and today millions are gathering again insisting that nothing can stop Biafra.

The event was greeted by the supernatural authorities as the appearance of Rainbow is a significant sign that Biafra is now. The rainbow appeared immediately when Mazi Nnamdi Kanu came out to address the crowd. As he saw the rainbow, he began to give thanks to God and said that the rainbow signified that God has signed the Biafra restoration. He also said that the sign equally showed that Biafra restoration is at hand.

 - Bright Oriaku
   Anambra Media.
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