Author: Onwe Ozioma

On Tuesday, 11th July 2017, the federal high court Abuja, shall resume hearing of the charges leveled against our leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. And it is an ample opportunity for Biafrans to present to the world once again who we have chosen to lead us.

The federal high court Abuja shall be sitting on Tuesday, to continue the trial of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra and his co-defendants (Recall that maxi Kanu was finally granted bail on after a long legal battle).

Ever since he (Nnamdi Kanu) left kuje prison, things had turned to his favor as well as for his group IPOB more than they had been prior to his illegal arrest and detention for over twelve months. The group had increased in numerical strength and continues to wax stronger in all ramifications, thereby, forcing the enemies to press the panic button. During this short period, IPOB had achieved successes that had sent the haters of freedom running Helter Skelter. These among others include the success of the 30th may sit at home.

 This so called foes that they could not help showcasing their frustration, they had cried like a baby. In fact, sequel to it, they gave Biafrans three months quit notice from the north. To further add insult to the injury, the IPOB leader, announced NO REFERENDUM DATE, NO ELECTION IN BIAFRALAND, which Biafran people, quickly accepted and adopted as the next move towards the Biafra restoration. This one is currently ravaging the enemy camp like a wild conflagration and every one of them, external and internal, is now coming out of their hiding. 

The forces of darkness had not been sleeping either. They had upped their tactics and major among them, is the use of media propaganda. They had capitalized on one of the bail conditions which prohibited Mazi Kanu from granting interviews to peddle a lot of lies against him, in order to tarnish his image and reduce his popularity. But indeed IPOB is always seven steps ahead and no one can beat that. Also during the period, the conductor (one wonders where the driver is), of Nigeria (a danfo bus indeed), had gathered some self-made leaders of Igbo extraction, exempting the IPOB leader with the claim that he is not a leader of thought in Igboland. To further show their lack of understanding of the time, the rejected Ohaneze ndi Igbo had come out to test their popularity and to contest for the people's followership. They hoped to in so doing, confuse the international community about the resolve of the Igbos on the Biafra question.

In the light of the foregoing, Biafrans must cease the occasion of the court sitting on Tuesday to dismember them and dismantle their strongholds. We have never failed to show total solidarity and unalloyed support to our leader ever since he was kidnapped and this time we must do even better. It seems Ohaneze and their Nigerian lords are blind and deaf. But come the 11th of July, we must force them to see and here that we have chosen Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to speak for us. We must tell them that we have disowned Ohaneze and rejected Nigeria. Abuja must quake at our presence. We must come in such mammoth crowd to shut that center of corruption down for Biafra. Remember that persecutors are now deploying their best arsenal and we must stand our ground to pull them down and achieve our goal. Darkness can never overshadow light.

Our large number like has never been seen before that day will go a long way to tell every tom, dick and harry that we are not reneging on our resolve to achieve Biafra. It will also spell doom for those who say that there must be an election in Anambra come 18th November and further make it much much more unequivocal, that we stand with our leader's NO REFERENDUM DATE, NO ELECTION IN ANAMBRA IN PARTICULAR AND ALL BIAFRALAND IN GENERAL.


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