Author:     Chimaobim Nnanna
Editor:       Ugochinyere Onyechere

The Biafran nation from the onset just like the trigger of the gun, (weapon of warfare) has always served as the very strength of the continent and the hope of the people therein. Biafra being situated at the very trigger of the gun (In Africa) is made for a purpose. These purposes include; giving hope to the people, Drawing the people close to the highest, providing a safe home for the people and giving hope of a better existence to the future generations.

Biafra as a nation has become a ray of hope to the people of Biafra in a very dark time in the continent of Africa. Biafra restoration both during the late 60s and in recent times has been through difficulties. It has brought both pains and tears, and out of it, gave joy and hope for the people of Biafra. On the 30th day of May 1967, Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu declared the independence of the Republic of Biafra, and as a result, the NIGERIAN STATE POWERED BY BRITAIN, USSR, ETC WAGED A 3 YEARS GENOCIDAL WAR AGAINST THE PEOPLE OF BIAFRA WHICH HAD GREAT IMPACT IN THE MILLION DEATH TOLLS OF BIAFRANS. To Nigeria, the war was a fight to secure the oil and other enticing resources in Biafraland and to wipe the whole of Biafran people out, but to Biafrans, it was a fight for survival. It was a do or die affair. They knew the Nigerians and the forces Behind them were so determined to blot them out of existence. To them, remaining in Nigeria was not an option, it was like committing suicide, and the only option they had is to stand and defend their land. To them, life was meaningless. Life was a nightmare. Dying became a second option because living was another fear of its own. The only option left was to succeed and go back home to a place they can proudly call their own and be treated as a child of the motherland. Biafra became the one and only hope they have to exist or face extermination.

Moreso, the restoration of Biafra will also definitely draw the people of Biafra to their God the highest. Biafra restoration quest has seen and experienced what is known to be nothing but MIRACLES in both the 60s and in recent times. Stories have been told of very strange happenings that could be no coincidence but pure miracles. Tales were told of how the Nigerian army mowed down the entire bush with chains of bullets to kill escaped civilian POWs (Prisoners Of War), but none was hurt though not being far from the soldiers. Also in recent times series of things have happened of which the most acknowledged among them are the ones that have to do with the sun. It is on record that on different occasions while the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) was addressing the people of Biafra, the sun stood still with a glorious crown of rainbow around its head. That's a sign of covenant renewal with the Biafrans from nature's God. It wasn't a coincidence as other similar happenings proved it wrong. It must be a sign of answered prayers to the Biafrans for the many prayers and atonement they've been holding. Of a truth, Biafra has drawn the people closer to their God the highest.

Furthermore, Biafra restoration in no doubt will provide a safe home for the people of Biafra. It is said, there's no place like home, and an Igbo adage says "a child is better off in his mother's arms". If so, then Biafra restoration will create a safe heaven for the people of Biafra, where there'll be no quite notices, no destruction of their lives and properties unprovoked, no trampling upon of their rights, a place where they'll be valued, a place they can be proud to call home and a motherland they can happily die for. Biafra restoration in no doubt is the last hope of an average Biafran.

In addition, Biafra restoration will also give hope of a better existence to the future generations. During the bloody genocidal war, there's a song the Biafran people used to sing, and it explains it all. A part of it says " our hope lies in the rising sun, our salvation lies in the rising sun". Before, the people of Biafra thought they could make anything of Nigeria, but was totally disappointed as Nigeria turned out to be a huge failure. It has no visions and no future. Living became a fear of its own, dying looked like a better option. There were no jobs for the graduates of Biafran origin, there wasn't any good schools, hospitals, social amenities and just anything good. Being born as a Biafra began to look like a curse and punishment from the highest instead of a blessing and a privilege. Existing in Nigeria became darker than the midnight, and the only ray of light that pierced through the darkness is the mighty ray of the Biafra's rising sun. And through the years the Ray has become a beam. And that is what gave birth to the slogan "It's either Biafra or death" because Biafra is the only hope for a better existence of the future generations.

In conclusion, Biafra being the strength of Africa will not only liberate the people of Biafra but the whole Africa and the entire black race.  The gun is loaded with bullets, and that's why the evil ones took over the trigger. Now duty calls to retake our gun holding it by the trigger and we must heed the call.

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