Nigeria is the worst country on earth for human inhabitant, a country where the president controls the three sperate arms of government ; the Legislature, Judiciary, and the Executive, a country where truth is seen as evil and the rights to self-determination is connoted treasonable felony, a country where people don't reason like human beings, they naively and gullible shy away from the truth and  keep calling for  unity among the same people they perceived as a threat to them but, as lawless society they are Nigeria and her citizens has refused to call for justice to be done on those whose rights have  been immensely violated by her government who keep arresting and incarcerating  those who seek for nothing but their right to self-determination as well as killing them. Nigeria as the worst human rights violation country will never have peace or unity  among themselves because of her sentimental approach in equity and justice.

Benjamin Madubugwu was kidnapped by the illegitimate department of state service (DSS) on 28th of October 2015 alongside his compatriots; Chidiebere Onwudiwe, David Nwabuisi and Bright Chimezie who were also kidnapped separately by department of state service (DSS) Since then, they have extra-judiciary been incarcerated and subjected to all kinds of inhumane and degrading treatment from the federal government of Nigeria who have violated their rights because they seek to speak the truth on the atrocities committed against their people by Nigeria government and took only self-determination as the only option to be free from slavery in Nigeria. they must be released Unconditional from detention.

Benjamin Madubugwu and his compatriots have committed no crime to warrant even bail, rather unconditional release are what he and his fellow compatriots deserved, the only crime they committed was to seek for self-determination which is enshrined in United Nation Charter for the right to indigenous people.

We the indigenous people of Biafra under the Supreme Leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu are putting the world on notice to tell the murderous Nigeria government to release our brothers  whom they have kept in prison for over two years now  denying  them of their fundamental human rights, if Nigeria as a contraption, has an ideology of constitutional government then people won't be out there fighting to preserve freedom. Buhari is not Czar neither he is pharaoh or Emperor, he is the president of the federal republic of Nigeria elected by the people to serve them not to rule them, he should learn to respect the law of the land (Constitution) and human rights.

It is also very necessary to state here, that Mazi Benjamin Madubugwu alongside his compatriots who were still been detained, has made it Straight clear that they don't belong to Nigeria but they are Biafrans even their ancestors rejected name the Nigeria.

I'm using this medium to urge all Biafrans and her sympathisers to storm the federal high court Abuja on  11th, and  12th July 2017,  let Us once again show our trust and solidarity to our brothers and prove to them that we still love and care for them despite the release of our Leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu we still have them at heart, the reason why they are still there in prison, is because of you and me , they have paid the price in making sure we gain our freedom and we owe them a lot but not letting them down, we have taken an oath to restore Biafra or every living and non-living things in Nigeria will go down.


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