Fellow genuine Ipobians. Biafrans within Biafran land and beyond, it is time to intensify prayers more than ever before. Prevention is better than cure. We must be proactive now, rathar than being reactive. We have cried and complained enough. It is now the turn of our enemies to cry and complain.

Fast and pray at least, 6-12 everyday with midnights, from sunday 2/7/2017.

1. Pray that all those who wish and plan rearrest of director Nnamdi Kanu will be the ones that will be arrested and jailed. Let God and His merciless Angels arise, and arrest, and jail all of them and their cohorts without further delay.

2. Pray and return death and destruction back to those who are planning them against our director, Nnamdi Kanu.

3. Pray that all (spiritual & physical) weapons of our enemies, both in Biafran land and every other places will suddenly, and uncontrolably turn against them and destroy them.

Use: prov. 26:27, psalm 35, EsTher 7:10, Esther 9:1-5.

It is not yet over untill it is over! Who no no go no. So, tighten belt.  SHALLOM.

Courtesy: Biafran prayer force - 0803309916908085940169
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    The Ibos, the Nupes and Nnamdi Kanu
    By Dr. Ndagi Abdullahi

    This bizarre agitation by a very small section of the Ibo population is getting more and more delusional by the day. I really didn’t want to comment on the Biafra agitation before because I know it is all political and will fade away with time. But everyday people kept on asking me to say something about the Ibos and the Nupes. And whenever I refer them to my voluminous work, titled ‘Arochukwu was Nupe’, on the historical relationship between the Ibos and the Nupes they will come back asking me to comment specifically on the Biafra Agitation.

    But I have been so busy with my other works it is taking me eternity to comment on the Biafra Agitation.

    Today, however, I woke up to a post on Whatsapp whereby my brother Ali Baba was quoting Channels News as saying that the entire SE region of the Ibos is not up to the size of Kwara State or Yobe State.

    Seeing that post I couldn’t resist the temptation to grab my keyboard and start punching down the following paragraphs.

    First I would like to point out the fact that the true population of the Ibo people today is just a little above 15 million which is far below the 27 or so million fraudulently posted on Wikipedia by some Ibo miscreants.

  2. And the true population of the Nupe people today is well above 20 million as opposed to the 10 million or so that the Nigerian census authorities have been mischievously spurning at each of their grossly untenable census exercise charades.

    And when I talk about the Nupes having a population of not less than 20 million I am not including the Nupe Diaspora of Brazil that has a population of over 200 million.

    The population of the Ibo people have been overly exaggerated since colonial times. The White man wanted a ‘majority’ in every Protectorate and that is how they ended up padding up the population of the Ibos during the reign of their infamous Colonial Government.

    Afterall, and as I discussed in plenary details in my book ‘Arochukwu Was Nupe’, the Ibo man, for all practical purposes, was an invention of the White man. It was the White man who invented the Ibo race. Before the coming of the White man there was not a Ibo people. All those lies about the existence of a monolithic Ibo race existing since the days of the Biblical Jews are nothing but blatant lies.

    This is not the right place for me to bore you down with details on how the White man came and invented the Ibo race out of thin air. Go and read my book ‘Arochukwu Was Nupe’ on how the White man played God by creating the Ibo man.

  3. Now, back to our discussion, the population of the Nupe man has been grossly misrepresented ever since the days of those same White colonialists who invented the Ibo man. It was the White man, staring with Lord Lugard the AntiNupe, who balkanized the Nupe nation into petty clans all of which he took away from the Nupe Nation. That was how all the Nupe sub-tribes – including the Kakanda, the Dibo, the Gupa, the Kame, and a countless others – came to be counted out of the true Nupe population.

    If the population of all these various Nupe people are to be combined together with that of the Nupe people in Diaspora in all the nooks and corners of Nigeria today we will definitely end up with a population of the Nupe people that is far above 20 million.

    But the powers that be in Nigeria, including our own Hilltop Generals back here in KinNupe, will not see to that.

    And all this is apart from the fact that in the beginning, and before the coming of the White man, the people of Northern Yorubaland – including the Okun, the Igbomina, all the Kukuruku people, etc, etc – counted themselves as Nupe. Similarly the people of Edo-Benin, Onitsha and Nsukka, Yawuri and Borgu, Nasarawa, Kontagora and Gbagyi, and a countless other ancient Nigerian nationalities were all counting themselves as Nupe people before the White man came and balkanized the Nupe Nation and ‘liberated’ these various Nupe people from being Nupe.

    Now then, and also, in terms of geopolitical comparison, all the four Ibo states of Anambra, Enugu, Imo and Abia combined only occupies a geographical section in the Southeast that is not up to half of the size of the proposed Edu State of the Nupe people.

  4. In fact all of us can see that the entire Ibo land – of these four Ibo states – can actually be snuggled into the Zone A of Niger State. This means that the whole of Iboland is not up to half of Nupeland.

    So, in terms of both population and geographical spread the Nupes are two times the Ibos. Yet the Nupes are not making up to ten percent the empty noise that the Ibos are making today.

    All that noise the Ibos are making is due to lack of education. A cultured and well informed Ibo will not make the infantile noise that stark illiterate calling himself Nnamdi Kanu was making.

    That boy, Nnamdi Kanu, is patently a rank ignoramus. All the things he is saying are wrong and can easily be refuted by even a casual research effort. Ibos are not being overly marginalized, other Nigerians don’t hate the Ibo people, Biafra is not the answer to any perceived Ibo marginalization, a secessionist Biafra is absolutely impossible because it amount to treason in the Nigerian Constitution, and so on and on.

    The overwhelming majority of the Ibo people are peace-loving Nigerians who will not follow any Biafran agitator into another civil war that they know the Ibos will lose again in a woeful manner.

    When it comes to history the ignorance of Nnamdi Kanu are so laughable that even a animal in the zoo will rate Kanu as a case study.

    The boy Nnamdi Kanu is claiming that 3 million Ibos were killed during the Biafran civil war of the late 60s and early 70s. This is so ridiculous I don’t know why I am even wasting my time refuting it here.

    The point is that in the 1960s the population of the Ibos was so small that suddenly eliminating 3 million Ibos in just a period of two to three years will have instantly wiped out the entire Ibo race.

    If 3 million Ibos were killed during the Biafran civil war where will you dump the dead bodies? 3 million corpses within such a small and cramped Biafra State would have engendered the outbreak of such deadly diseases that would have brought an abrupt end to the civil war without any further shot from the Federal side.

  5. And, where are the pictures of the 3 million dead bodies? We are all familiar with pictures of the corpses from the sites of the concentration camps of the Second World War, where are the pictures of the 3 million corpses from Biafra.

    The only pictures we see are those of malnourished, Kwashiorkor-stricken, children caused by Ojukwu’s blockade of international aid getting into Biafra during the war. And even these pictures were overly exaggerated by the Catholic mission priests who were in actual fact European intelligence officers working for the Republic of Biafra. It was these French and Israeli Mossad intelligence officers, disguised as Catholic missionaries, who spread the pictures of a few hundred malnourished children in Biafra to the world media claiming that millions of children are malnourished inside Biafra.

    Nnamdi Kanu obviously don’t know anything about history, otherwise he won’t come out to the public and be making very ludicrous claims that even History itself will laugh at.

    Imagine Nnamdi Kanu is saying that the Ibos are Jews and that the Ibos originated from Israel! This boy is such an unmistakable illiterate!!

    Well, let me tell the illiterate that the Ibos are Nupe and they originated from here KinNupe!

    Let me immediately add that I am not saying this on my own authority, because I know even my own Nupe people will not believe me.

    It was Professor A.E. Afigbo, who is himself an Ibo man and who is also the greatest Ibo scholar of Ibo history ever, that wrote on the 24th page of his book titled ‘Ropes of Sands’, that the Ibo people originated from Nupe. Professor Afigbo emphatically added that the Ibo race originated from the general Bida area and not from Israel or the Middle East.

    I want to repeat that Professor A.E. Afigbo categorically emphasized on that page 24 of his book that the Ibo people did not originate from Israel or the Middle East but that the Ibo people originated from KinNupe.

    Professor Afigbo is not a small authority – he is such an almighty authority in Ibo history that to this very day no Ibo man or woman have equaled him in Ibo history. So great was his knowledge of Ibo history that he was made the first chair and HOD of the Department of History at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He remained the emeritus professor of Ibo history at the University till his death.

    Go and get that book, Ropes of Sands, by Professor A.E. Afigbo and open to page 24 to read in his own words how this learned Ibo Professor demonstrated in irrefutable terms that the Ibo people were a Nupe people who originated from KinNupe.

    The book Ropes of Sands is available in all libraries across Nigeria, even at the College of Education, COE, Library in Minna. Alternatively you can order for the book on Amazon

  6. Apart from Professor Afigbo, there is also Professor Gloria Emeagwali who is the Professor of History and African Studies at the Connecticut State University in the USA. She is an Ibo woman and she is one of the greatest professors of Ibo history in the world today.

    Professor Gloria Emeagwali also wrote in several of her works that the Ibo people originated from KinNupe and not from Israel. Professor Gloria Emeagwali is still alive and you can contact her for confirmation. Those of you reading this article and living in the USA can easily walk into Professor Gloria Emeagwali’s office at the University of Connecticut so that she can tell you why she, the leading Ibo professor of Ibo history in the world today, is saying that the Ibo people originated from KinNupe.

    There are other internationally renowned Ibo professors, including Michael Achigbu and Frank Martins, who all wrote that the Ibo people originated from Nupe and not from Israel.

    So, we have all these internationally acclaimed Ibo professors with their formidable credentials all saying that the Ibo people originated from Nupe and not from Israel…

    … And, yet, here we are today with a stark illiterate called Nnamdi Kanu telling the Ibo people that they originated from Israel.

    It is true that ancient Ibo culture has a lot in common with Jewish culture. But the truth of the mnatter is that the Jewish culture seen among the Ibos is also seen among almost all other ancient Nigerian peoples including the Ibibio, the Kalabari, the Ijaw, the Itsekiri, Jukun, the Igala, the Nupe, and so on and on. All these ancient Nigerian people have been practicing Jewish cultures for thousands of years even long before the time of Our Lord Jesus Christ just some two thousand years ago.

    The bottom line, as I explained in exhaustive details in my books ‘Africa Is Israel’ and ‘Arochukwu Is Nupe’, is that Jewish culture is indigenous to West Africa and not the Middle East. In other words West Africa was the original homeland of the Jewish people. So, it was not the Ibos that originated from Israel, it was the Jews that originated from West Africa in very ancient times.

    Even Western scholarship is gradually coming to admit today that the original Jews were Black African Negroes and that Black Negro Africa was the setting of the stories of the Semitic Scriptures – noit the Middle East.

  7. Professor Ze’ev Herzog, the Head of the Archeology Department of the University of Tel Aviv in Israel, wrote a book and purposefully convened an international press conference telling the world that today’s Israel, or Palestine (whatever you call it), was not the place where the stories of the Bible took place. Don’t forget that Professor Herzog is himself is a Jew and has all to lose in making that momentous announcement. But he said his conscience will not leave him alone after he spent over twenty-five years digging all around Israel and the Middle East only to discover that the Middle East and Israel were not the setting of the Biblical stories.

    Yes, the original Jews were Black African Negroes and they were resident here in Middle Africa – that is West, Central and East Africa combined. That was why the first State of Israel established by the pioneer Zionists including Theodore Herzel and Chaim Weizmann was at Uganda here in Black Negro Africa. And that was why Alfred Koesler, himself a White Jew, wrote in his book ‘The Thirteenth Tribe’ that the White Jews are not the original Jews but are the descendants of the Khazar barbarians from Central Asia.

    Even the modern religion of Judaism is a modern invention of these White Ashkenazim Jews from Khazaria. The modern religion of Judaism is not the religion of the Biblical Jews.

    These are the things that the unlettered Nnamdi Kanu doesn’t know and that is why he making all these ignorant claims and ignorantly converting to an artificial Judiasm religion cooked up the White Ashkenazi who are wrongly claiming to be the Jews today. If the boy Nnamdi Kanu had been properly educated he won’t have been this radicalized in a disgusting manner. Have you ever seen any learned Ibo man doing what Nnamdi Kanu is doing today?

    I think Nnamdi Kanu is a disaster waiting to happen to the Ibo Nation. Unless, of course, the overwhelming majority of the peace-loving Ibos begin to wisely disregard the childish rantings of this rank illiterate.

    The agitation for a secessionist Biafra is absolutely impossible. But because Nnamdi Kanu is lacing his rantings with sensational claims of a perceived Ibo marginalization, and because the Ibos made the expensive mistake of bloc-voting for Jonathan and not for Buhari, some misguided Ibos have fallen for the divisive and rather treasonably dangerous hate-preaching of Nnamdi Kanu.

    Otherwise any rational and logical analysis of the situation and position of the Ibo people in Nigeria today will readily show that it is absolutely impossible for the Ibos to succeed in having their own secessionist State of Biafra.

    That is why, until today, I have never bothered to waste my time answering the rantings of a rabid inmate of the Zoo.