As a youth, I have only come to know this name called (oha-n’eze ndigbo) two years ago. One will marvel at this statement; of course, it’s true. Oha N’eze group is deceptive nature. I owe them no apology because of they worth no good. They have claimed that they are representing the Igbo speaking Biafrans, this is a fat lie which I have come to talk about. This is because I want to exonerate my people from their pang of deceit. 

However, there are pertinent questions Igbo/Biafran should have taken into cognizance, such as; 

1. Who are Oha N’eze and who are  Ndigbo?
2. Who and who is behind this group? 
3. Who do they represent? 
4. Who chose or elected them into office? 
5. What have they achieved since the creation of Nigeria?

Firstly, let’s discuss briefly but with spark points on the first question, Who is Oha N’eze and who is Ndigbo? The word Oha n’eze simply means the people and the king. In other words, by way of explanation, you find out that every Igbo speaking Biafran is entitled to be known, recognised and respected under this umbrella called “OHA N’EZE”. Who is Ndigbo? These are the Igbo speaking Biafrans, that is, any one speaking Igbo is Ndigbo/Onyeigbo. Hence, Oha n’eze ndigbo are those who have identified themselves to be speakers of Igbo language. This group is said to have leaders. 

I want to make it noteworthy that Biafrans are not aware of these leaders talked about , this is because before this kind of organization is made there is suppose to be a unanimous agreement within the Igbo speaking Biafrans to have such a group and as well as elect leaders who will oversee the running of the group for them if need be. Thus, as an Igbo speaking Biafran, automatically, I am supposed to be under this umbrella, opinions of the Indigenous People that make up this organization is supposed to be the yardstick upon which any agreement is made, hence their voices are supposed to be heard.

Secondly, who and who is behind this group? As claimed, this group was created after the ban of (INA) Igbo National Assembly by the federal government in the year 1976 as piloted by the then Professor Nwabueze Ben. The sole aim was to see to the political voodoo, problems of Ndi Igbo both home and diaspora. Since 1976 till date, there have been series of change in power within the group. Now, they are claiming to be for the Igbo speaking Biafra, who do not have any knowledge of their activities. They claimed they represent a people who never chose nor elected them into office. They claim to represent people whose opinions are not taken into consideration in the rulership system. Well, from the look of things, it is quite unfortunate that those they claimed to represent have refused to ask questions. This is a group created by the Nigerian government; with the aim of manipulating us through it to milk us dry. They impose upon us, criminally minded people, to devour our resources.

Who do they represent? Before I was able to answer this question, I made inquiries Why is it so? Because these people only exist in media platforms. They only represent their families and pockets,  From what I am able to gather based on the inquiry I made, it is said that they (Ohaneze Ndigbo) claim to be representing five states with additional indigenous communities in Rivers and Delta states. Meanwhile, they have done nothing meaningful for these people they claim to be representing. Isn’t this lies from the pit of hell?

Consequently, if this group should have taken the bold step of doing the right thing, I am entitled to make my choice who leads me through voting. It is wrong, for some group or cabals to meet together and appoint themselves as leaders. Worst on, they make up the bad leaders of them all. As if it’s not enough, they try restraining Biafrans to their God given rights. This is one of the reasons, Biafrans should disown them. We are being marginalized, subjugated and killed in great numbers yet they have failed to address these issues. These are people that called themselves leaders, but I call them leaders of doom! 

What are their achievements so far? These cabals has only succeeded in dividing Biafrans. They have had our treasuries looted, give ways for our enemies to manipulate us. Yes, they tried dividing Biafrans, because they accepted to create a forum outside what should accommodate all Biafrans. There is what is called Oduduwa People’s Congress (OPC), there is what they called Arewa Forum. Why should Oha N’eze Ndigbo decide to restrict the formation of the group to the Igbo speaking people alone? Is this the reason they created that platform, just to destabilize Biafrans, and deny them of their of their God gave rights. Biafrans has been killed extra-judicially, what has been their reaction, nothing. 

Well, With the above answers, there isn’t any reason to endorse these greedy men and women of dishonor as those who can speak for Biafrans. 

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of Indigenous People Of Biafra; the only man that knew the problems and the miseries of his people. He has vowed to deliver his people from the snares intimidation, marginalization and so on but these cabals have continued to be obstacle him. They are elders, who would be at home while the goat the dies of hunger. Biafrans have expressed their dissatisfaction with them all, we do not need them anymore. The truth remains that the Oha n’eze ndigbo does not represent Biafra and Biafrans. The forth coming election in Anambra will prove beyond reasonable doubt, If after 103 years as a country and 56 years of independence, we are still looking for reasons to be together, then we should not be together. We have a clear term which is that the persons concerned should give us a date for a referendum or watch as the whole of Biafra land says No To Election in Biafra land, a process Biafrans will use to press home their interest accordingly. 

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