Sometimes I look at these people who claim that they are Igbo elites as people bereaved of wisdom and knowledge, these people passed through the same Primary, Secondary Schools and Universities which we also passed through. How come in a broad daylight they became Igbo Elites, did they study specially in the Sun, in the Moon or inside the Ocean where they graduated and impose on themselves the position of the so called Igbo Elites.

These people find themselves in one useless caucus or the other and believe that if anything is to happen in Igboland and they are not there it will not work. Sometimes People say " in this thing that is happening where are the Igbo elites" like Soludo said, many people were saying we are talking of Biafra what has the Igbo elites said and I will tell them taa kwuchie Onu gi kee ndi bu Igbo elites.

My deepest anger is that these people will go in their caucus and Political groups make one useless decision which does not favour me and expect me to keep to it and some gullible individuals will be jumping up that the Igbo elites are now coming out, coming out to do what? and I keep asking who are the Igbo elites and where are they?

I challenged this expression some two years ago in my article I titled "who are the Igbo elites and where are they" when Bar. Emeka Ugwuonye used the expression in the first video he made after Director Nnamdi Kanu was arrested and the protest that followed, Prof. Soludo also used it in his speech during a book lunching.

Now looking at how far the struggle for Biafra restoration has gone what part has the so called Igbo elites played in understanding the inner feelings of the majority of about 90% of Igbo youths that have taken this on themselves to achieve this goal or die in the process instead they aliened with our enemies against their own people. The position of Ohaneze today concerning the Biafra restoration explains clearly what I am saying here.

For me the Igbo elites are you and me that knows what is necessary for us to do for our good and the generations to come and we face it squarely not minding the difficulties involved in it. You don't need to read inside Pluto to become Igbo elite but your pure reasoning and ability to face the issues confronting you makes you one and those people you regard as Igbo elites, you expect to talk before we know if Biafra will be restored or not, I call them "educated illiterates" who have nothing to offer.

Director Nnamdi Kanu said it earlier that it is you and I that will restore Biafra not any other person that will do it and that is what we are doing and I hope that most of you that are waiting for the so called Igbo elites and Igbo Politicians to say something or lead the Biafra restoration struggle has been totally disappointed and your faces buried in shame.

Fred Onyeali
Elder Statesman Ipob
1st Ipob National Coordinator Worldwide

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