From the activities of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu since his release from kuje prison Abuja following the stringent bail conditions granted to him by justice Binta Nyako of the Abuja federal high court in the month of April, 2017 after being detained, tortured with unspeakable punishment by the DSS and various Nigeria security operatives along side other Biafran activist, on the reason of health conditions, as ascribed by the judge, many gullible Nigerians especially the Hausa/Fulani and their Yoruba counterpart who by all means do not want the progress and freedom of Nnamdi Kanu and Biafrans entirely are still ranting in different platforms of the media that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the director of Radio Biafra and Biafra Television worldwide as well as the commander in chief of the Arm forces of the federal republic of Biafra has violated his bail contidions, thereby calling for his rearrest.

Recall that not even an ant in this contraption called Nigeria ever thought that Nnamdi Kanu would met any of the stringent bail conditions, which includes that he must provide three persons to stand surety for him and each of the three must make a provision of hundred million naira cash to the court, of which one must be a religious leader that Nnamdi Kanu believes in, the other must be a notable and highly respected personality from the Igbo speaking Biafra, such as a senator or governor and another which must be in grade sixten of the Nigeria civil service which must own a landed property in Abuja the capital city of Nigeria, again that Nnamdi Kanu must submit all his international passports to the court, that he must not be seen among more than ten persons, that he must not attend any rally or grand interview to the press. Indeed, these conditions by mere looking at them, you need not be told that it was designed and fabricated from the kindom of satan in Nigeria aimed at perpetually detaining him under their dungeon as to curtail his movement to uniting Biafrans under the umbrella of Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) in the struggle to restore Biafra.

Meanwhile, Barr. Ifeanyi Ejiofor the counsel to Nnamdi Kanu as well as the chief legal team of IPOB,  while reacting to news men in Umuahia the country home of Nnamdi Kanu some days ago said " My client Citizen Nnamdi Kanu has not violated court order or any conditions, it is his fundamental human right to receive and associate with people." He however maintained that the agitation for the restoration of Biafra is legal, because Biafrans have the right for self determination and self rule as provided by the law of United Nation, Africa union which Nigeria as a state is signatory to.

Nevertheless, the conditions given to Nnamdi Kanu are such stringent that no body on the surface of earth can ever obey not to talk of met up with, because it is not just a means of house arrest but it is a mordern slavery of fundamental human rights. And Nnamdi Kanu or any other Biafran will be subdued into such a wicked devilish plot from Hausa/Fulani cum Yoruba cabals who claim that Nigeria is their property. In no distant time, these lovers of evil working to thwart the restoration of Biafra both those planted in Biafra land such as the Ohaneze and the so called south-south and south-east governors will bow in shame, because they can not stop Biafra.

Notwithstanding, Biafrans are  strong and resolute in the quest to restore their nation which was lost many years back in 1914 as a result of the contraption of Arewa, Oduduwa and Biafra people by Fredrick Lugard of Britain, and nothing will ever change it as IPOB under the command and control of Nnamdi Kanu have no change of plan on the no more Nigeria elections in Biafra land till referendum is conducted, to determine if Biafrans still want to be part of Nigeria or not, and we are starting it at Anambra state election on  November 18th, 2017.

Forwardever Mazi Nnamdi Kanu!
Forwardever Biafrans!
Forwardever IPOB!
Forwardever our Media worriors!
Forwardever our legal team!
Backward Never!
All hail Biafra!

 - Obulose Chidiebere and Ogeh Friday
   City Media.
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    Fuck You Nnamdi Kanu, Fuck Off Biafrans, You Will Not Divide Nigeria, Under My Dead Body - Kemi Olunloyo Spits Fire - via @Shareaholic
    The governors called for the arrest of the Arewa Boys, not one has been held accountable for threatening a whole group of people. Instead, they are empowered and supported with their most recent press conference stating that a written letter to the UN to request that all members and Leader of IPOB be labeled as terrorist. Ironic!
    An ex governor's daughter from the south region insist that "the Biafran's are going nowhere"as if she's our God, Lord and master, yet she also calls for IPOB members to be labeled as terrorists while she walks free with all of her rights intact. The Arewa boys & Elders followed up her sentiments in writing to address the UN. But Mazi Kalu was arrested, detained and arraigned for asking for and advocating peacefully for the freedom of the marginalized and oppressed Biafran's who have suffered over 50 years of slavery and injustice because of their inheritance.
    Asking for self-determination is a fundamental right under the UN provisions. Why has Mazi Kalu's case not been dismissed and restitution paid to him for the unjust arrest for exercising his fundamental human rights? Why has his freedom of speech and freedom of association been restricted? Does this mean that he can not attend a church service with more than 10 members? That is inhumane and unjust. Mazi Kalu’s rights would not have been restricted if people were not listening to, supporting and following him. Out of fear, the Nigerian government has violated Mazi Kalu's fundamental human rights, while allowing the privileged few in the North and Kemi to freely exercise these same rights without reproach. This further justifies our call for referendum and cries for freedom.
    If the oil was not on Biafran land, Nigeria would not insist so adamantly on the so called "One Nigeria." We have been in bondage because of our God given resources. Let them have the oil if they can somehow relocate our natural resources given to us by God to their own lands without our further enslavement. If they can move the oil, let them have it! But if not, Nigeria please let Biafra go to live in peace. 3.6 million Biafran's have been killed in the genocide of greed and counting. Biafran's have had enough. Almighty God did not endow our land with oil for us to pay him back with our freedom/ our blood! Nigeria is fighting to stay united with Biafra's oil, not the Biafran people!
    Lord have Mercy🙏🏾 All we want is freedom! Free Biafra🙏🏾 🕊