As a full fledged Biafran and a member of the Indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB). I have been taking note of the happenings lately, and it occurred to me that Africa is very far from civilization. Based on the events and happenings in Africa, where the rights of Indigenous people is been guaranteed. I shed tears for Africa my continent, they are not taking the bull by the horn, that's why the entire African continent retrogressed. They remain backward in the committee of nations in the world.

When African leaders see the (red) they call it black, they hate good and upcoming Nations springing up to Salvage the entire African nation and race; Which is why the AU and ECOWAS overlooked the extra judicial killings; henoise acts,annihilation and genocidal acts committed against Biafrans in the contraption and evil forest called Nigeria, a member nation in AU and ECOWAS.

AU,ECOWAS and the entire African nation kept mute concerning the human rights violation of the Biafran people in Nigeria. This is the right time to set Biafra free from the evil forest called Nigeria. Nigeria is doomed already and now we Biafrans say enough is enough to unity by force, where the blood of (Biafrans) is used as a sacrificial lamb to keep Nigeria as one. 

All we demand is a total restoration of Biafra through referendum for the entire Old eastern region called Biafra, nothing more. I want to ask the entire world; A call for REFERANDUM is it a call for WAR??. If not, we Biafrans demand a date for our Referendum. We are tired of Nigeria.

Whoever that is speaking contrary to our demands, is nothing but a political jobber seeking relevance in the Nigeria state, at the detriment of the poor masses in Biafra land.

The Indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) have disowned and ostracised such people, We have Unanimously said NO TO ANY ELECTION  IN BIAFRA LAND and all We need is total freedom for the people of Biafra, which is enshrined in A.U and United Nations laws.


  - Hon Princemobi
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