The political system in this evil contraption called Nigeria is such that can get the devil itself irritated, how can one believe that his/her predicament is powered by the same person(s) he/she contributed to making what they are? It is one of the stories that takes a lot of mental moratorium before one could come to believe of it, because such is espected to be far from humanity, but the case is totally different here in this contraption known as Nigeria, as the people who got to the top would not like to see others attain the height where they are.

The so called south-south and souh-east political slaves in the hands of Hausa Fulani cum Yoruba oligarchy in Nigeria,  whom the majority of the citizens jointly voted into power, with the aim to advocate for them and serve to them their own share of the national cake, since everybody can not be at the top at the same time, not to talk of the little space at the top accommodate all and sundry, but once they get to the position of political power they will turn to be the highest enemies of those electorates who made them whom they are. One who is reasonable enough would ask, why are they doing that?  could it be that those who voted for them made a mistake by doing so or what? Anyways, the answers to these questions and more will be better answered by them.

There is no doubt that the mandate of the electorates why they elected those political prodigals in this zoo orderwise known as Nigeria especially those in Biafra region has been defeated and thwarted, as they fold their hands and watch in amazement the mayhem the people which they ought to protect are being subdued to by their counterparts in the same seat of political power, in guise of different kinds of ill groups such as Fulani herdsmen, Boko-haram now Arewa Youths Forum (AYF). Without being told, one will know that no aid will ever come from these set of virus infected minded people known as South-south and South-east politicians and their fellow self made Ohaneze Ndi-Igbo, because all they care and think of are issues of their pocket and stomach not minding if you perish or not, and when the poor helpless people noticed that nobody represent their interest in the government which suppose to be for them, the best thing to do is to try and fend for themselves by all means.

In the case of Biafrans, having known that things has so much dilapidated beyond curtail, the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu had no option than to fend for themselves and the only way it can be gratified is by the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra,  which was in existence for decates before Fredrick Lugard of Britain came and contrapted it with Arewa and Oduduwa to be one against the wish of the people, in 1914 and his concubine named it Nigeria.

And instead of these set of criminals and wicked souls who  can not stop the decimation of their people by the Nigeria security operatives for committing no crime order than demanding for self determination which is supported by the United Nations charter on the rights of the Indigenous Peoples all over the world, as well as African Union law and other international laws, to keep mute if they can not give support to save the future of these millions of Biafrans, they are going about calling IPOB and her supreme leader Nnamdi Kanu all kinds of ill names, labelling them terrorist, supporting the massive arrest and massacre of these innocent rightful aggitators.

All these dirty activities with your Hausa/Fulani and Yaruba masters, off course we have come to realize long ago that it is geared to distract and stop the struggle  for the restoration of Biafra, but the simple thing you will have to understand on that note is that, you have failed because this is a new phase of aggitators and from the frequent phenomenon taking places as a result of the struggle, you should do yourselves a favour of not allowing people to inform you that you have lost the battle, despite tagging IPOB all manner of ills.

That Biafrans headed by Odumegwu Chukwuemeka Ojukwu failed to restore Biafra nation many years ago as a result of the joint forces of Nigeria government and their foreign allies which led to the massacre of over 3.5 millions of Biafrans, which majority of them were women and children, in 1967-1970 with the use of sophisticated millitary weapons and through starvation, does not mean that history will repeat itself again, because this time we vowed and made up our mind that whatever it will cost under the sun, we must do in order to get Biafra restored, so that the spirits of all our fallen heroes and heroines who died for our sake will rest in peace; and the truth of the matter is that you can not stop it from taking place since the battle is not only of humans but also of the spirits.

It will be of your own benefit if you get out of the way of these aggrieved aggitators  to avoid being crushed because this is powered by Chukwu-okike-abiama (God almighty) and no one, group or even no country  irrespective of prowess can stop this generation from restoring Biafra. All the Biafrans need now is for referendum to be conducted to determine if we still want to be part of this evil contraption called Nigeria or not, and until that is done, there will be no election in all parts of Biafra land starting from the forthcoming Anambra state election scheduled to hold on November 18th, 2017. We have no interest in restructuring, maybe when Biafra go you can do that because it is too late now. It is Biafra or nothing! We have made up our mind and we are not going back.

- Uche Okafor and  Ogeh Friday
   For City media
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