By Chimpuruimeihenile Immanuel Ukoha for (Abia Writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
Nigeria, a country created by the British for their own selfish interest, can only proudly boast of the highest number of fantastically corrupt leaders, with the most gullible citizens ever, as a result of the British mind conditioning.

In Nigeria, the lives of the citizens are worth less than that of a dog in the western world. The citizens are subject to all manner of ill treatment in the hands of every government functionary. The welfare of the electorates, who gave these corrupt rulers (not leaders) their mandate during electioneering period, is never a priority in the agenda of the so-called leaders. Yet they won't want the masses to subscribe to IPOB'S "no referendum, no election" slogan. Poor masses are subjected to unimaginable sufferings in Nigeria.

The recent flooding in Lagos, Lekki, Victoria island and environs, Suleja in Niger state, is as a result of bad and or lack of infrastructural development in terms of the drainage system, lack of solid waste management and lack of technical know-how to manage Sand filled area courtesy of corruption and political illiteracy.Lives have been lost, including properties worth millions of naira owing to the selfish activities of corrupt leaders who are concerned with lining their pockets instead of constructing a good drainage system. Go to Lekki, houses are flooded. Schools and business premises both in Lagos and Niger state all flooded. Yet the government has not done anything to evacuate individuals living in these flooded zones. The electorates have been forgotten, only to be remembered during electioneering period.

The flooding, which was as a result of heavy rainfall, could have been averted had the government put in place the required infrastructure. Technologies such as the multi-temporal visualization of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), could have been used to detect potential flood, then evacuate the people living in these flood prone zones to safety before the flood occurred, but such things are not thought of by the government of the day, provided it doesn't affect them directly. There are so many ways to control flooding which includes; the construction of dams, diversion canals, river defenses, self-closing flood barriers could also be built above sea level, all these possible control measures will never be put in place by the government hence people lose their lives and properties.

The words of Mr. Adejare the commissioner of environment Lagos state will assure you that these people are not concerned about the lives of their citizens.His words " This is a transition period, most importantly it's not that the reform has taken so long, you need to plan very well so that you don't fail. We are making sure that when we start, we don't hope to fail, we hope to give our people a world class service in solid waste management, that’s what we're planning for and we need to take our time to do that and give Lagosians good service. It would commence, it would succeed and it would give us a better way of managing our solid waste here”.

From his speech, you can tell how useless their plans are. It is a transition stage so people should bear their sufferings and not complain. Instead of looking for a possible way to evacuate their citizens in the flooded area, they are talking about a transition that can help them in their looting agenda. It’s only in Nigeria that a leader can see people suffering and open their mouth to tell the poor citizens 'no pain, no gain' just like Mr. Adejare. If it is in the Western world, he will resign or be sacked.

And we Biafrans don't wish to take part in a country where we perform our duties and obligations as citizens, but still, have our lives and interests not protected by the corrupt government. So, all we can ask for is Biafra, where we can run our nation like a place inhabited by reasonable people and not beasts.

As the government is being blamed for inability to secure the lives of the people in the flooded zones, we should also take time and look into the flooding of the costliest residential areas in Lagos, to know if it is the handiwork of the souls of Biafran heroes fighting for their own who were promised  to be thrown into the lagoon by the Oba of Lagos should they refuse to vote for the candidate of his choice and those whose properties were damaged by the Lagos state government.

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