By Mercy Oluchukwu Bernard(Abia media)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe

The contraption called Nigeria was formed deceitfully via amalgamation in 1914 by the British government through Fredrick Lugard. The formation of Nigeria was laid on a faulty foundation filled with hates, lies, humiliation, cheat, ravage, impoverishment and total subjugation purely designed against the Biafran people.

Fredrick Lugard , observed the rich natural deposit in the region were Biafrans are occupying-the Eastern region and part of the western region of the geographical space later called Nigeria .
He observed that the region where Biafrans settled was full of hope (greener pasture) showcasing possibilities, proper livelihood for the present and future existence.

Fredrick Lugard having gathered and ascertained that Biafrans are richly blessed and endowed with a life style devoid of evil, a land where the truth remains the watch word of the people decided to introduce pollution into Biafra. It is sad, quite unfortunate for Biafra to have been forced into this unholy union with Hausa//Fulani and Yoruba, which has brought huge agony and catastrophe to Biafrans and Biafra rich ancestral homeland given by Chukwu Okike Abiama.
These evils perpetrated by Britain and Nigeria against Biafrans are serious and deliberate act against humanity. And nature frowns at such evil perpetration. It is important to note that nature is the natural compass that guides and checkmates activities in the entire universe, consequently, it needs be known that the numerous atrocities committed against Biafra by Britain and Nigeria -both past and present administrations are now hindering Nigeria from moving forward in her economic activities.

The repercussion is now severe on the government of Nigeria, as nature has decided to Judge them. For instance, the invisible hand of nature is at work recalling 2016 Eid-El Fitri celebration where the moon refused to appear which was a double tragedy and doom for Buhari and Nigerians, who refused to understand the handwriting on the wall.

Nature completely abhors Nigeria. Nigeria is yet to face more terrible situation which nature will definitely bring on her for tampering with Biafra and her land, a spirit entity owned and controlled by Chukwu Okike Abiama. The evil Nigeria committed against Biafrans will constantly hunt, confuse, speak against her and finally disintegrate her.

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