By Arinze Chukwu Abia writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
The Northern Nigeria quit notice to Igbos, simply means quit notice to Biafrans living in the North. During the genocidal war against Biafrans by this murderous Hausa /Fulani and Yoruba in conjunction with the British government in 1967-1970, there were brave Biafran soldiers, scientists, civil servants, technocrats, broadcasters, artist and many more who were not from the Igbo speaking area of Biafra. The likes of Philip Efiong, who was the second in command to Dim Chukwu Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, was not from the Igbo speaking Biafra so why should the Northern Nigeria always address the issue of Biafra as Igbo?

Let this be a sign to our Biafran brothers from Ijaw, Igala, Itshekiri, Igbanke, Idoma etc living in the North to understand that the Hausas and Yoruba know you as Igbo.
The quit notice to Biafrans in the North by the Sixteen Northern youth groups is a very good credit to the indigenous people of Biafra. We appreciate them for recognizing the fact that Nigeria is not one and will never be one.

But saying that the Igbo speaking Biafra is the problem in Nigeria is a lie from the pit of hell because we understand and maintain laws in every city or country we find ourselves in and that is why we the indigenous people of Biafra remain peaceful even during demonstrations. The Northern part of Nigeria has been fighting for self determination through violence, but today they have turned the other way round to say it is the Igbos that brought the Fulani headsmen. How did Igbo relate with Fulani herdsmen?
Everybody knows about the issue of Boko Haram and how they started. Muhammadu Buhari proved this when he publicly called the Boko Haram his brothers and when he said, "an attack on bokoharam is an attack on the north". The current governor of kaduna state, El- Rufai, said that he paid Fulani herdsmen not to attack southern Kaduna again. How did he get to know them? That shows that he knows them and they are his brothers.

Three and a half (3.5) million lives were lost during the genocidal war prosecuted by this same Hausa/Fulani blood suckers against the people of Biafra yet the world is keeping quiet over the issue.
Nnamdi Kanu the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra came out to let the world know the condition Nigerian government has subjected Biafra to, they accused him of committing treasonable felony. He was arrested and detained. The same way Asari dokubo and many Biafrans were arrested and detained for committing little or no offense. Now the Northern groups have come up with an act capable of breaching the peace of the country (asking Igbos to leave the North) but the Nigerian police, DSS and Army have turned a deaf ear to the hate speech. That is the level of injustice meted out to Biafrans by Nigerian government.

If Biafrans must leave the North before October 1st then the Northerners must also leave Biafra land. Going after our investment in the North simply means going against the laws of ECOWAS that schedule the right of property ownership within the ECOWAS country which Biafra is among. Our Brothers in the North should not panic about their properties and come back safely, there are international conventions and laws that protect their investments.

The Northern elders support to the Arewa youth groups must be a very big lesson to the elders of IGBO, IGALA, IJAW, IKWERE, ITSHEKIRI, IGBANKE etc and their governors. They should come out now and support the call for Biafra restoration because no one is a Nigerian. Biafra must come.

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