By ARINZE CHUKWU(Abia writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
The "South East restoration group" led by an Hausa man answering Igbo name is a group created by the APC led administration to propagate lies against both Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra and the good effort of the indigenous People of Biafra in her quest for Biafra's restoration.

NDIGBO never recognized this group yet they proudly claim to speak for Ndigbo, this is laughable.
Charles Mbani, how did Nnamdi Kanu become a threat to Ndi Igbo or to Biafra? Did Nnamdi Kanu lie when he said that Biafra has existed before Nigeria? That Hausa Fulani has pathological hatred for the indigenous people of Biafra? That Biafrans remain slaves in the hands of the Nigerian government if they don't fight to restore their lost inheritance?
Charles Mbani and his group must understand that the indigenous people of Biafra have learnt their lessons. We can never be deceived again by political jobbers and self centered individuals.
Nnamdi Kanu, remains the leader of the Indigenous peoples of Biafra and can not be dismantled.
It is not about making mouth, if you think you are the leader or the commander of the people then give orders that they would obey.

This group called "the South East restoration" has prepared itself in association with the so called Arewa youths to be used against the indigenous people of Biafra if Biafrans in the North do not leave the North of Nigeria come October 1, 2017.
After the successful 30th May 2017 SIT AT HOME directed by the leader of IPOB Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, God almighty with his power has been exposing the enemies of Biafra within and out side Biafra land.

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