by Arinze Chukwu(Abia writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
It was a new dawn in Biafra land as our brothers and sisters from the coastal region of Biafra land, on Wednesday the 22nd of June 2017paid a solidarity visit to the leader of the Indigenous people of Biafra , Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, in his home town of Afaraukwu Ibeku in Umuahia, Biafra land.
The visit which followed a call made by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu triggered a great storm of people to the residence of the leader of IPOB on this day.

There were different songs of honor and congratulations by the people in their different dialects to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu for his great achievement towards Biafra restoration project. A 67-year-old man Millar Abah, who was interviewed by the Abia writers on BTV appealed to Igbo speaking Biafrans to stop calling them Ijaw, which means nothing in their language. He said their real name is Izon, "we are the Izon people, Izon means something good, beautiful and nice, how can someone change our name and give us what we don't understand"? He questioned.

He was asked if the Izon people are part of Biafra and he replied, "Yes". We are more Biafran than Igbo speaking Biafrans" he maintained. He spoke to his people in their dialect, telling them to forget about the thing called "South South", "there is nothing like south South”. "The former president of Nigeria Olusegun Obasanjo gave us this rubbish name in order to take our oil. In my village called Baya in yenegua, Bayelsa state Biafra land, there is oil, so they said we are Niger Delta.
Nigerian government has been insulting us as a people but today I'm here to represent my people to let our Igbo brothers and sisters know that we are one indivisible family. If you say that I'm a Nigerian now that I'm 67, so, how can I be older than my country? That is ridiculous. I never knew what Nigeria meant at my tender age". If you ask my father who he is, automatically he will answer, Biafra ; so why did they divide us? Others who spoke to BTV like MSS salomy, Elder Columbus Otuokwo and others said they are more Biafrans than the Igbo speaking people of Biafra.

When Mazi Nnamdi Kanu came out to address his visitors, the crowd erupted with shouts of joy on seeing him and rounds of applaud on hearing his voice again. Nnamdi Kanu revealed to everyone that every state will manage her own resources to develop their land when Biafra is finally restored.
According to him, there will not be allocation project like the zoological republic called Nigeria. Every body will have equal rights and total independence.

After a brief teaching by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, he was awarded with a crown of honour, a Machete, a white garment and a lamp. The machete stands for victory, which no one can stop, the white garment stands for readiness and the lamp stands for light.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu thanked them for their visit generosity and promised that "in no distant time, they shall be receiving radio Biafra from 102.1 FM in all Bayelsa state".

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