By Mercy Mercy(Abia writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
Biafrans are known for their outstanding lifestyle, marked with total purity, which is transferable from generation to generation through individual family lineage.
It is unfortunate that the Federal Government of Nigeria, past and present administrations tampered with this our sacred value by flooding our land with morally bankrupt, promiscuous and pedophilic Hausa Fulani soldiers who harass and intimidate our young girls into abominable acts that are alien to our land.

And as though that is not enough evil against Biafrans, the present administration led by Muhammadu Buhari through check points introduction intensified the rate of this defilement act. Buhari who dimmed it right, officially empowered, instructed and distributed throughout Biafra Land the Army, Navy, Police, Customs and DSS who are now predators over our innocent Biafra young teenage girls. This is in furtherance to their sex evangelism propounded by the sokoto caliphate.
According to people who constantly witness this evil as perpetrated by the Nigerian Armed Forces and the DSS, these men on duty demand illegal pleasure from these girls at all cost. What an abomination!

Our correspondent who visited some of these check points to confirm these evil acts met some of these girls being held captive at the checkpoints. Some of the victims confided in our correspondent that these evil perpetrators use various strategies including forcefully collecting their phone numbers for conversation later, promises of marriage, promises of huge amount of money, promises of training them in school and taking good care of their individual needs and that of their families. They also trickily collect vital information from these innocent young girls to be used in sabotaging our quest for Biafra's total restoration.
Elders interviewed in Biafra Land by our correspondent strongly condemned these evil acts, planned and perpetrated by President Muhammdu Buhari led administration and sokoto caliphate. They stated that these evil acts would never prevail. "Biafrans shall continue absolutely to oppose, reject and resist Nigerian evil scheme", maintained the elders.

The elders in Biafra Land keep saying, “Our teenage girls are our future treasure preserved and reserved for our rich admirable marriage custom”. But the Nigerian Armed Forces and the DSS have done great damage (Pollution) to our young girls. The rate of blood pollution is alarming as bastards spring up from these unholy unions, causing sorrow to the legitimate ones".
They remarked "We have the legitimate right to live our separate decent life as descendants of Chukwu Okike Abiama", and maintained that "Biafrans must be free in their Ancestral Home Land".

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