IPOB under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has proven itself to uphold the command and control of the Biafra struggle that has brought Nigeria to a crashing point. Being aware that freedom is never given rather it is taken. To take one’s freedom from an oppressor, the oppressed must rigorously force the oppressor to respect the fundamental human rights principles which guarantee justice and equity thereby bringing the oppressor and oppressed to stand equal in the eyes of the law. Where the oppressor fails to respect the human right principles, the oppressed must apply such measures as mass protests, civil disobedient up until the attention of external bodies are attracted for intervention.

Having come this far, after embarking on several protests the leadership of the Indigenous People of Biafra are conscious of the fact that the Nigerian government have been involved in the brutality and massacre of the peace loving Biafrans by the help of their tyrannous Nigerian military forces in the cause of their peaceful street protests.  IPOB leadership resolved to call a SIT AT HOME protest which rendered the Nigerian blood thirsty military paralyzed. They got themselves prepared waiting for Biafrans to kill but they did not see any of them to kill because Biafrans were all in their homes. Just like May 30th, another sit at home protest is heating up in Anambra come November 2017, the Indigenous people of Biafra has in a statement resolved totally and without equivocation not to participate in further elections in Biafra land from November 2017 in Anambra State up to the coming General Election in 2019, unless the Federal Government of Nigeria gives a specific date for referendum to determine once and for all time if the people of Biafra wants to remain in their present state of humiliation, servitude, bondage and hopelessness in Nigeria.

In the light of this, the activities of the state governors are being scrutinized and it is pertinent to take note of a few of their hideous activities:

1. Anambara State Governor (Willie Obiano):
Governor Willie Obiano is not only a disappointment to Anambra, apart from the fact that he has not provided enough social amenities to the people of Anambra, he is a disappointment to Ndigbo and Biafra as a
nation. Considering the fact that Biafra voted him in under the platform of APGA, a party that is the political voice of Ndigbo in Nigerian politics, it was expected of him to stand with every bit of the Biafran struggle. He was supposed to be at the forefront to ensure that Biafra got all the needed support, security, social welfare but he turned and stabbed Biafra at the back. He turned his back on IPOB; he sold himself to the Hausa Fulani tyrant soldiers who mercilessly slaughtered Biafrans, took their dead bodies away and vested tyranny on the entire land of Biafra.  If not, why is it that as the chief security of Anambra state, his seat becomes more important than the lives of innocent Biafrans and now he needs the same people to vote him into power again.

2. Enugu State Governor (Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi): At this point in time, when the lives and security of Biafrans should be given utmost importance, the governor of Enugu state, just as his nickname goes "Gburugburu", has been rotating around doing absolutely nothing.  Since he assumed office, he is only good at going to cry to his master Buhari at Abuja each time his people are being massacred by the rampaging Fulani herdsmen, yet he swore to defend and protect the people as the chief security officer of the state.

3. Abia State Governor (Okezie Ikpeazu): Without counting how many IPOB members that lost their lives in Aba both in peaceful protests and during their prayers sections, what can one say was the role of Okezie Ikepeazu during the period when Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was being detained by the Nigerian government. Why did
governor Okezie Ikepeazu not speak up and challenge the DSS for the illegal detention of an indigenous member of his state.

4. Imo State Governor (Rochas Okorocha): Rochas Okorocha remains a goat in sheep’s clothing. Being an APC governor, nothing much expected from him except that which his party are known for.  He is the governor with APC agenda and the party is depending on him to Islamatize the whole Biafra land but he has failed. He is a professional in deception and can confuse the whole masses just in one minute. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu knows much about him and from inception began to warn Biafra about this chameleon in Imo state.

5. Ebonyi State Governor (Dave Umahi): Umahi is the chairman of South East Governors Forum and he has become the leader of lies and deceptions in Biafra land.  IPOB has clearly
noted that there are some hired hands and unity beggars in Nigeria. The governor’s forum is the leader of all political lies and deception in Biafra land.  This time around IPOB are closely monitoring them and in no distance time all their offices shall be rendered empty because no Biafran would vote in any of their elections.

Conclusively, it is of a great importance that the government of the Ag. President, Professor Yemi Osibanjo (SAN) to save his face from the impending shame that he is going to face globally if he fails to vividly outline a date and period of REFERENDUM for the Biafrans for peaceful dissolution of the Nigerian state because it has been fully been resolved by Biafrans that there will be no going back until Biafra is achieved.

- Onoja Christian Obinna
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