By Emmanuel Kelechi Emma(Abia writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
Politics is supposed to be an act of reaching out to the people, attending to the needs of the less privileged in society and trying to improve the country at large. But the reverse is the case when it comes to the British constructed country called Nigeria. The politics in this said country is all about give and take, abuse of power, personal enrichment and killing of innocent citizens whom they are supposed to protect. This is illiteracy built up by the bad seeds the British planted into the lives of politicians in Nigeria.

Illiteracy among the so-called politicians in Nigeria today has prevented them from seeing things that are going on in the country. Even when citizens are dying of hunger you hear a politician saying that he has not seen anybody feed from the dustbin. Education is suffering neglect but the politicians don’t care because their children attend the best schools abroad. Neither do they care about the healthcare sector since they fly abroad even for ordinary headache.

Politicians have intimidated and subdued citizens that they are now docile and passive. Last time the president of Nigeria came back from a 59 days medical vacation, he never cared to address citizens and update them about his health condition. He chose to absent himself from office, media and interviews because he thinks he is the god of Nigeria, and the politicians kept mute about the matter.
These politicians do everything possible to quiet any dissenting voice. Take a second, check out the amount of brutality the indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) and her leader mazi Nnamdi KANU, who was arrested and detained for not less than 18months, have suffered in the hands of Nigeria.

IPOB members are killed, maimed, arrested, detained extra judicially because the president and his killer DSS don't obey court orders -the product of illiteracy. They are above the law and choose which court order to obey and which to disobey. The judiciary has been intimidated into submission; any judge who gives judgment against the government is picked up on trumped up charge of corruption.

when the president of this British constructed country traveled for another medical leave, instead of the vice to take the lead as the acting president according to the constitution, the president in his letter to the senate made him coordinator regardless of the constitution that guides the country, and the corrupt politicians are all silent on the case.

Why did the president make that move, because he wants to consolidate power and put his kitchen cabinet who are mainly his kith and kin in charge. Secondly the politicians, who are supposed to challenge this unconstitutional act, are all frauds and empty-headed.
It is about time this country is split for the indigenous nations to return to their normal way of lives and develop at their pace. This is the perfect time to split this long expired country peacefully so that we can be good neighbors and assist each other instead of waiting for a violent separation that will do no one any good.

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