My Dear Brothers and Sisters in the North,

There are these three wise proverbial sayings in Igbo dialect worthy of considering at times like this.

(1) “Ndi Igbo si na-anyi bu Igbo anaghi agba oso mmiri tupu orue ala. Anyi bu Igbo anaghikwanu abanye ugbo-ala ma obughi ma ogawaragawa”. This simply means that Igbos don't heed to danger signs, except when its almost on the edge of befalling them.

(2) “Ijiji anaghi anu ihe na eso ozu ala n'ili”. Meaning that tubborn flies follows the corpse to the grave.

(3) “Nani osisi ka-asi n’aga egbutu, o nosie ike.” It is only a tree that you will tell you are about to cut it down and it still stands were it is.

My message is very simple to demystify, it is left for you to heed to the warnings of any of the messages.

Despite the fact that the handwriting on the wall is obviously clear, as a congenital intellectual Biafrans, you don't need to listen to deluded Hausa/Fulani politicians that says Igbos are safe in the North, therefore they should stay. My brother, you have to ask yourselves few questions as a reasonable person.

(a) Why is it that the highest oligarchy of the Arewa, “Sultan of Sokoto” kept mute since 6th of June, 2017?

(b) Why is it that Arewa politicians are withdrawing the statements they did not make, instead of Ango Abdullahi to withdraw what came out of his mouth?

(c) Why haven't you heard Nigerian Forces arrest those full of hatred Northern Youths which El-Rufai ordered them to?

(d) Why did the Inspector General of Police said that arresting northern youths is useless since there is no evidence to show that the youths were inciting violence in Nigeria?

So many question to ask yourselves. Never you allow this blood sucking demons in disguise of Politician deceive you. Come back home dear siblings.

This message goes to stubborn flies that will eventually follow the corpse to the grave. In everything, they must be a scapegoat. I will be the last person to advice one to choose one’s life than money. For those Biafrans that will pay deaf ears to this glorious call, I can assure you that coming 30th May, we will remember you as a Hero/Heroine who choose to die in the North for the sake of Biafra, knowing fully well that they were at liberty to save their lives.

Remember that the implementation of not leaving now or before September 30th 2017 will commence with immediate affect on 1st October 2017. Already, some people are now reportedly killed on their way while departing from the North. Whether or not the report is true is left to be verified but one who takes his life very seriously will know that they are no longer living in a friendly and stable atmosphere.

Return home now, let us demand for our referendum to decide on whether to continue with the geographical space of Nigeria or not.
A stitch in time, saves nine.

- Uba Chukwuebuka
  Enugu Media Team
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