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There is nothing to fear about the Kaduna Declaration which the Republic of Biafra fully accepted and it is irreversible. We are determined to stay on our own now more than ever.

Kaduna Declaration is the climax of Biafra’s 50 years war victory, it has nothing to do with May 30 Sit-at-home. If the poor northern bandits and their collaborators has the capabilities and capacity to face consequences of harming Biafrans in the northern Nigeria in the hands of Republic of Biafra, they would not give even a day ultimatum to vacate.

Three months is respectful- which Biafrans has to respect, but with maximum normalcy, without any form of fear. As I already said, Republic of Biafra will secure everything Biafrans left behind, any Biafran who wish to reside in northern Nigeria is free after diplomatic documentations under ECOWAS principles, etc.

But to secure your lives at this time of hostilities is the best way to ensure that your properties are being accounted for in the future. Life is the ultimatum and cannot be compared with one's properties or life's savings.

Biafrans in the North should better go back to the anals of history and find out what transpired when the people of the old Eastern region were assured of safety. Even the Northern dominated Nigerian military were instrumental in the violence killings of innocent Biafrans. No one was spared in the carnage and mayhem that erupted during those days.

Therefore, let us learn from our history in order to prevent unpleasant events from repeating itself again and again. Let's prepare to face whatever that comes our way. Let us show our strength in unison and collectively demand for our freedom.

- Chinwe Onah
  Enugu Media Team
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