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Biafra Heroes Day: Compliance With Sit-At-Home Order Proves Nnamdi Kanu As Biafra's Supreme Leader

Biafra's Supreme Leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu

It has been widely reported that the Biafra Heroes Day recorded great success as people complied with the order to sit at home up to a minimum of 95%.

With this high level of compliance to the Sit-At-Home order given by IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu, to Biafrans, to honor the memories of Biafra's Fallen Heroes and Heroines, Biafrans have proven that Nnamdi Kanu is the only leader they obey.

This shows that the Biafra ideology as preached by Nnamdi Kanu is accepted and backed by more than 95% of the people of Biafra.

It also goes to show that the BIM leader, Raphael Uwazuruike, the saboteur of our time, who discouraged Biafrans from obeying the order by slating his own Biafra Remembrance Day on the 22nd of May, as against the 30th of May when Ojukwu declared the Republic of Biafra, is a failure himself. He persuaded Biafrans to boycott Nnamdi Kanu's order of Sit-At-Home but the people have chosen their true leader, Nnamdi Kanu, and have rubbished Ralph Uwazuruike.

Some of the governors in Biafran land, like Rochas Okorocha, threatened to sack government workers if they failed to report to work today. But they have equally seen that the masses are more mindful of freedom than their jobs.

The compliance of today goes to show that the governors in Biafran land, Ohaneze Ndi-Igbo and Others are not the true leaders of the people because if they were the ones that gave the order, such compliance of today wouldn't have been recorded.

With the compliance of today, the people have proven that their future is better and safe in the hands of Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB than in the hands of Ralph Uwazuruike, the so-called south-south and southeast Governors and politicians.

The opposers of the Sit-At-Home order should now hide their faces in shame as the British-backed Nigerian government should accept defeat and surrender to the will of the people, which is a referendum, since Nigeria claims to run a democratic government, and democracy is respecting the will of the people.

Therefore, the people of Biafra, having demonstrated their readiness to live in a separate state of Biafra, as they have fully complied with the order to honour Biafra Heroes past who fought and died that the remnant of Biafrans might live as free people in a state of Biafra, they have to also be ready to vote in a referendum that is imminent. Hence international community should support the call for a referendum.

Written by O. E Williams
Edited by Mazi Collins
Published by IPOB writers
Twitter: @ipob_writers

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