Evil forest, evil forest

Son of amalgamation and daughter of evil empire

You said the Sun Shine for all but is only in your domain that it Shines for few

You cut down the Sycamore tree (Freedom tree) with the help of thy
masters but you forget it is impossible to uproot the root

Today the Sycamore tree (Freedom tree) has grown into a strong stem
proving impossible for you and your master to cut.

Evil forest, evil forest who will help you?

Who will help you?

On the blood of Six Million Souls you seat majestically just because
evil empire is with you;

But the anger of the Most High has come upon thee

For the blood of the innocents you shaded is crying to the Most High
every day and night.

You said you believe in unity but your policy is disunity.

You said you are power savvy but to use it and produce alamajiris

Evil forest, evil forest your days are numbered your days are number.

You can fool all the people sometimes

You can fool some of the people all the time but you can never fool
all the people all the time

You have taken us for granted for too long because of thy master.

But today the Specs are off from the people’s eyes.

Son of amalgamation and daughter of evil empire.

You are Vampire, Sucking the blood of your victim with thy master.

You are now hearing roar of freedom both inside and outside like that
of a lion looking for who to devour.

Remember Al-Bashir and Southern Sudan

Remember Haile Selasie and Eritrea

Remember Milesovich and Kosovo

Your time is up, your time is up.

- Eze Augustus N.
  River Media Team.

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