Author:         Chiukwubuike Anagboso 

It is quite disappointing and alarming to know that those who call themselves intelligentsias, learned and well-reasoning individuals, especially the likes of Osibanjo Yemi, to come publicly and refer the contraption formed and named by the British luciferous Lugard to as a nation, while it is sensible for one to supposedly assume that a person like Osibanjo Yemi ought to know the true meaning of a nation and the difference between the terms "Nation" and "Country(state)" as a professor he is titled. 

 In  one of his recent speeches which he made while addressing the audience in a hosted program titled "Biafra: 50 years after", Osibanjo called Nigeria a nation while he  was trying to let Biafrans know that they are to blame for the bad and painful ordeal they passed through during the Nigeria-Biafra civil war fought which caused the death of over three (3) million Biafran men, women and even children starved to death with the help of the British government, while the world kept silent/mute. According to the news, Osibanjo Yemi said that those who died wouldn't have died if Biafrans had overlooked the massacre of their men and women, young and old, adults and children, ladies and gentlemen, mothers and their suckling babies, pregnant women and even their unborn babies in the womb killed cold blooded in an inhumane manner. Please, quote me wrong if his worded statement lettered by the news writer does not, in all reasoning, give a clear perception that he (Osibanjo Yemi) casts blame on Ndi-Igbo for declaring Biafra independence as a means to say enough of the killings, stay on your own while we be on our own (I hereby, urge you to go back to the news for more understanding of Yemi Osibanjo's body language during his address). 

 Meanwhile, I would like to commend Yemi Osibanjo on his regard for history. But the problem is that they have not been able to elaborate on the history fully; from 1914 till date. If the history is to be told in truth to the people starting from the invasion of the British adventurers into the geographical coverage of the area called Nigeria to the time of amalgamation (1914) of the three(3) different separate nations by Frederick Lugard who named it Niger-area, and to the cause of the civil war from 1967-1970, then till now that Nigeria is in total shambles, those who call themselves Nigerians would start seeking a redress and begin to reason properly like normal human beings they are; as to having a sense of their historical origin. This will help people to come out of the cage of the British "ONE-NIGERIA" Company that is only a business investment like a transportation vehicle which is being managed by a group of people called politicians. The sole aim of the owner of this transportation vehicle is to make a profit, and in the case of Nigeria, Britain is the owner; they are the decision makers in the business(affairs of the country). 

They choose the driver to drive the vehicle from time to time. But whenever a driver eventually has a problem that he could no longer carry on with the assignment, the managers may select temporary driver; either from among themselves or even the mechanic to continue with the driving work. And when the selected driver is not accepted by the owner of the company, the DG(Hausa-Fulanis) will order for his immediate substitute in any way possible. And we all know that without the help of the mechanic, this very Vehicle cannot serve well to benefit both the passengers (the oil companies and other countries benefiting from the resources in Biafra land) and the owner of the company. Who are the providers of the fuel and the technical work for this Vehicle (Nigeria)? They are the Biafrans!

 The Oduduwas serve as a conductor whose duty is to lead and coordinate the Vehicle. That is why the likes of Obasanjo and Osibanjo have been assigned a duty to try and see if they could deceitfully and cunningly convince the Biafrans to drop their agitation for Freedom, which is their only hope for survival, in order to continue serving the colonial master (British Government) as a fuel and technology providers. But I think this time, the end has come for them(Biafrans) to possess their possession; as Nnamdi Kanu has done a great work in the lives of the Biafrans and even other reasoning people in the enslaved contraption, which is the British company, by talking sense into them, making them to have the ability to reason, rising on their feet even in the face of life-threatening, monstrous and bloodletting tyrannical government led by Muhammad Buhari and his kinsmen, to say no to intimidation, harassment and the deteriorating democracy. 

I wish to conclude this write-up by letting the world know that the only solution for survival of those living in this enclave called Nigeria and the hope for the peaceful co-existence among the three(3) main component regions that were compounded by Frederick Lugard to form the British company(Nigeria) is the granting of freedom to the people of Biafra.

Publisher:       Prince Richmond C. Amadi

                         Umuchiukwu Writers 
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