Reporter: Nwada Ugochinyere Onyechere

The pogrom experienced by Biafrans during the Biafra/Nigeria genocidal war is to be categorized as a child's play. Information reaching Umuchiukwu Writers newsroom/desk this morning from a reliable source confirms the presence of the Nigerian military squad consisting of the Northern indigenes presently in Pakistan. 

The source stated that about 20 lorries were confirmed to be conveying the soldiers to their training grounds where they are to be armored sophisticatedly in all ramifications ahead of the planned genocide against Biafrans. 

this is coming after the quit notice given to the Northern group to Biafrans. We are putting the world on notice, hence Biafrans are yet again to experience another genocidal pogrom in months to come. Biafrans has been marked out as endangered species; recognized to be war crime victims. 

I must categorically inform the world, that the northerners have immensely divided this contraption formerly. In a video, widely circulated on the social media, where a northern elder in support for others had authorized the international agencies to stop abruptly the co-existence between Biafrans.

 In further notifications, a quit notice has been issued to Biafrans residing in the northern region to relocate within a time space of three months, dating from June 6th till 1st October all in 2017. The above notice was given by the Northern youths, which was supported and acknowledged by their elders.

Sentiments attached was threats given that visible actions will be carried out if peradventure this notification is snubbed. Furthermore, the basic acclamation of lands and properties owned by Biafrans in the North, by the northerners; hence it was stated clear that the documents of those properties should be handed to them before evacuating. 

The United Nations (UN), Africa Union (AU), Human Rights Defenders both international and local based, are hereby asked for hastily dismantle the union between Biafrans and these barbarians called Northerners; hence it has been formerly echoed and with all alacrity by the Northern of their depression and regrets by co-existing with Biafrans. 

We should be asking the international authorities why they have pretended not to have heard? We shall be having blames on them if they continue living in pretense; the earlier dissolved the better for us all. 

Biafrans are urged to keep an eye on them because definitely, their barbarism will come to display. We also urge all Biafra residents in the North to return back home; hence Biafra government shall ensure the reclaim of your properties hence the documents is intact. The word is enough for the wise. 

Publisher:    Prince Richmond C. Amadi
For Umuchiukwu writers.
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