It beats my imagination when I think about the way some Biafrans who supposedly should know better, behave and understand certain issues. That is because most of them are people who have gone through the higher institutions of learning and are expected to be civilised and to think and act likewise, but when you look at the happenings around, you will discover that instead, some of them are the ones causing nuisance in the society.

Lets face it. A young person who graduated from the university is still being used as a political thug. He is satisfied with the little money he gains from politicians who forgets about him immediately he assumes office. But when you tell him to join hands to restore Biafra which will be beneficial to all, he will not listen to you.

A graduate whose parents have been paying tithes to their men of God for years with the hope that God will bless them, yet they still live in a rented small apartment while their men of God flies in a private jet and owns exotic houses. Some has even become an usher in the same Church praying and hoping that God will perform magic one day, say anything about Biafra and he will tell you that their man of God does not support Biafra therefore he will not support Biafra.

Somebody who have heard shocking stories of the brutal killings of his people by blood thirsty and trigger-happy group of people whom we are forcefully merged together by a drunken British slave master, Frederick Lugard and his harlot girlfriend, Flora Shaw whose only interest is the resources they hope to gain from Biafraland. This same person will howl at you if you dare tell him that Biafra is the hope of every black man.

He would jump into the lagoon and drown because his man of God told him to do so. But he will have the effrontery to address you as a miscreant if you tell him about Biafra restoration. At times, he will even abhor and treat you differently for preaching about Biafra.

Well, I thank Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who has liberated many Biafrans from mental slavery. At least 90% of Biafrans are no longer myopic and idiotic about Biafra restoration. I only wail for the few myopic and ignorant ones who would prefer to remain in the North trusting the deceptive voice of El’Rufai and the cowards that occupy the seat of government as the governors of the South East.

Come home now to avoid your blood been spilled by the blood sucking Hausa/Fulanis of northern Nigeria.

On Biafra we stand. Release all the prisoners of conscience now.

Long live Nnamdi Kanu.
Long live IPOB.
Long live Biafra and good Biafrans.

- Sunday Nwachukwu
  Enugu Media Team
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