By Goodluck C. Ekeagba(Abia Writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
On Monday, the 15th of May 2017 a media platform in Nigeria posted an article written by Osuagwu Ugochukwu but tagged by Cassandra Adaeze-obi. The article was titled: BIAFRA: IPOB has no right to force people to sit at home.

In the article, Osuagwu Ugochukwu, a lawyer and an Abuja-based right activist sternly warned IPOB against compelling people to sit at home on 30th May. In his own word he said, "it was totally wrong for the group to force people who do not believe in Biafra to stay at home and stop motorist from moving in and out of eastern part of the country on May 30."

My dear mr.  Osuagwu, with due respect to the legal profession, you ought to know that 'belief does not alter originality'. A Blackman could simply believe he is an English. One could believe anything. But the fact remains that the Blackman is an African irrespective of his 'personal belief'.
Mr. Osuagwu, those you say do not believe that they are Biafrans are Biafrans irrespective of 'your thinking'. Deducing from your name, you are also a Biafran despite your stake or belief in the Nigerian State.

Biafra was once an independent sovereignty before the government was toppled by Britain and consequently forced to submit her sovereignty to the British invented Nigerian State. Have you not heard about Aro Confederacy? Do you know the regions under the Confederacy? Right from creation, nobody has chosen a particular place of birth in preference to another place. Anybody whose parents are Biafrans is a Biafran by birth.

The war that took place in Nigeria between 1967 and 1970 was Nigerian-Biafran War. It should be recalled that Hausa/Fulani in northern Nigeria, killed thousands of Biafrans in 1966, part of which led to the war,. It should, equally, be recalled that over 5 million Biafrans (women and children inclusive) were killed in the war by the combined forces of Nigerian, British, Egyptian, Russian armies and others. It should not be forgotten that Nigerian security agents have been killing IPOB loyalists from 2015 till date.

It is a common practice world over for organizations and groups to observe a minutes silent on behalf of their dead members. Countries usually set aside a particular day when they remember and honour their fallen heroes or those who lost their lives in active service to their fatherland. Based on the forgoing argument, it should not be considered illegal if Biafrans decide to sit-at-home on 30th May in honour of their fathers, mothers, children, uncles, aunties, cousins, nieces and nephews lost in pre-civil war, in civil war or post civil war and even during demonstrations in quest for the restoration of the state of Biafra.

Those including Osuagwu, who are strongly arguing that IPOB should not force people including motorists to sit-at-home should come to the understanding that IPOB is not a Nigerian authority and therefore does not compel people to do anything against their will. IPOB has no arms neither has it ordered its members to possess arms with which to force people. But if the people decide to honour their fallen heroes, it should be seen as the willful decision of the people not a compelling order from IPOB.

Biafrans decided to sit at home on 30th of May, all the efforts by Nigerian government and their security agencies including blackmail and intimidation could not stop it. It was a huge success and a loud statement from Biafrans to the world; “WE ARE READY TO GO”. It would have been unconstitutional for any person or a group of persons, including the government of Nigeria to force Biafrans out of their homes on 30th of May, 2017.

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