ENUGU — In a deliberate move to spread the gospel for the total restoration and emancipation of the sovereign state of Biafra in all the nooks and crannies of the school, the students’ chapter of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, at the University of Nigeria Nsukka, UNN, yesterday, embarked on a massive evangelism to sensitize the conscience of their fellow students on the need to support and join the Biafra struggle under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

The students who trooped out en masse for the procession, converged at the School of General Studies, SGS, where they met a group of interested students, including a lecturer who made enquiries on sighting them with Biafra insignias before proceeding to the faculty of Biological Sciences where they were held by another group of students who became inquisitive of their evangelism as they were abrased with the goodnews of Biafra restoration and sharing the articles with them.

It was noted that a huge success was recorded at the faculty of Biological Sciences as the students accepted the message before moving to the faculty of Physical Science where myriads of critical questions concerning the struggle were asked.

Some of the questions asked by the students of which answers were provided include; “When are we expecting referendum? Where will Biafra be in 10 years from now? Is Biafra the kingdom of God on earth as preached by Nnamdi Kanu? What are the role/contributions of students to Biafra restoration? How can our fathers be quiet over this matter and it’s the youths that are crying for Biafra? Why can’t we live together as one Nigeria?”, amongst others.

According to the IPOB UNN Mobilizer, Amadi Chiekezie, “Those from Igala ethnic group that we met, pleaded among other things that their Igbo brothers should help them in making peace amongst themselves as many Igala clan are divided over the issue of religion(Christianity and Islam), joining the Igbo or staying. Other reports and questions will be collated during our next family campus meeting.”

In their sensitization material shared during the period of the evangelism, they declared that, “IPOB rejects the notion of continued forced co-existence between and among people who had entirely different value system, belief, world outlook, and so on.

“IPOB rejects the continued existence of this unholy marriage between Biafra and Nigeria. Wouldn’t you consider it an honour that you are called upon to take part in the struggle for the emancipation of your people?

“IPOB denounces violence in all its entirety, but seeks self determination through a peaceful referendum in which those, who want to leave can leave and those who want to stay can stay in Nigeria.

“IPOB rejects the notion of continued existence in a nation that can no longer work.”

- Amadi Chiekezie Ibeawuchi
  Enugu Media Team

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