By Onumajuru Onyekachi Macsantos(Abia Writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
Yesterday, 4th June 2017, marked another powerful, joyous and colourful thanksgiving service organised by Abia South senatorial Media team of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB) and hosted by St. Philip Anglican Church, Eziukwu Aba in Abia State. Biafra land.
The church service kicked off at exactly 10:00 am. Rev George Okoro presided over the service and was assisted by Rev Ubochi. During the service, Rev Ubochi, sang a lot of christian freedom songs which vibrated the whole church with jubilation and caused members of the church as well as IPOB members to dance without measure.

The entire place was decorated with Biafran flags, initials and symbols. It was indeed colourful .
Rev Ubochi , prayed for the restoration of Biafra and the protection of our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.
Brother Nwachukwu Udochukwu who delivered the word of God, used exodus chapter 3 verses 7 down as his text. He preached about Israelites' freedom and also prophesied that Biafra must be free because both Israel and Biafra have similar stories and God's mandate/project. He went ahead and said that no matter what our oppressors would do that God must free Biafrans. He urged Biafrans, not to shake nor fear because what they are asking for is a reality.

He also said that the resources that Nigerian government prides herself with today is from Biafra land and will certainly come back to us and it will be our turn to pride ourselves with what is ours to the glory of Chukwuokike Abiama.When the service was about to end, the Abia state coordinator, mazi Ikechukwu Ugwoha, urged the men of God to come out and support as well as contribute to the struggle because it is for all of us. The Abia senatorial district and miracle Zone cordinator, Mr Emmanuel concluded the speech.
The main ceremony started immediately after the service. It took place at the open field, inside the church premises with opening prayers from IPOB pastor Ekene. Introduction of the coordinators and presentation of kola (Oji Igbo) followed, before Biafran children sang Biafran National Anthem.
It was about to rain but after the Biafran national anthem, the whether changed and the sky smiled once again. It is the work of the most high God chukwuokike Abiama.

The occasion was garnished with special program organized by the Abia State media coordinator, Mr Ichie and was presented by the Biafran children. The children through their passionate songs as displayed, passed clear and direct message to the public, explaining what the Biafrans are passing through in the hands of British Nigeria since after the Biafra -Nigeria war.
During the presentation, the children passionately poured out their hearts when they talked to the dove decorated with biafran colour they held with uncontrollable tears and agony asking the dove to send their message to God and tell the world what they are facing.

Finally, the state coordinator presented the family of our late hero, Chukwemeka Ekpemmadu who was shot by the Nigerian soldiers on February 9th 2016 to the gathering. At this moment Biafrans observed a two minutes silence after which contributions were made for the family of the deceased. Thereafter, his wife urged us to be strong that Biafra must come. With that the meeting came to an end.
In Biafra we stand.

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