The Conspirators
By Uzochukwu Udoaga
For Biafra Choice Writers

Nigeria and those who call themselves Igbo politicians are playing their last game against Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) in particular and Biafra in general. It is a game to deceive Biafrans and make them to continue participating in the expired country’s sham elections. The first of the elections is coming up in Anambra State in the coming weeks, while the other is the so-called national elections coming up in 2019.
The first of the plan was to release Nnamdi Kanu, leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and Director of Radio Biafra and Biafra Television, in order to douse tensions coming from the agitation of Biafrans over Kanu’s continued illegal detention. Running alongside the first plan would be the unleashing of its lies and propaganda agents in the media and social media to write in favor of participation in Nigeria’s so-called elections; and in the process, demonize IPOB and those standing against the elections.
The second plan was to use corrupt politicians to bribe some suspended and misguided members of IPOB, with a plan to divide the group, and then use them to endorse the useless elections. The execution of this second part is going on at the moment. Those corrupt politicians are in Ohanaeze leadership at the moment, and Nnia Nwodo (the president) is the arrowhead.
It is however instructive to note that when Ohanaeze Ndigbo (the body created by Northerners under Shehu Shagari, with a mission to break Igbo-Biafran cohesiveness) started its pretenses to support Kanu and the IPOB, many Biafrans saw through them. Such Biafrans had warned against anyone believing that John Nnia Nwodo would ever support Kanu, IPOB or Biafra. Their reason was that Nwodo has always been a lackey of Northern Moslems, from the time of National Party of Nigeria (NPN) in 1978.
It was Nnia Nwodo who always phoned Nigerian Police whenever IPOB members were meeting in his local Nsukka local government area, and telling them (the Police) to disperse them with lethal force. Nnia Nwodo has never done any work all his life, apart from playing the slave of Fulani people.
This is why the message for Biafrans is that they should beware of anything Ohanaeze tells them, especially that of asking them to participate in the elections. Those people are corrupt politicians who care little about the state of the people Biafra as long as they pick crumbs from Fulani (their master’s) table. Let it be told them that Biafrans will boycott every Nigerian election in Biafraland.
The next time any of those corrupt politicians comes to tell you to participate in Nigerian election, ask him why Nigerian government is paying him so much to get Biafrans to participate. Also ask him what they have done for the ordinary Igbo-Biafran since the past 60 years they have been participating in Nigeria’s elections.
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  1. This man called Clifford Iroanya aught to be ashamed of himself. This opportunist Clifford Iroanyan os trying to be of equal level with our Leader by trying to dress like Nnamdi Kanu? Just look at this ye ye man Clifford Iroanya showing his wayo face on social media. He really should go into hiding and disappear. Clifford Iroanya is no different from Uwazuruke!!!