Kanu with Ekwueme

By Kelechi Okorie
For Biafra Choice Writers

It was not a surprise that Buhari’s handlers have ganged up with rumour mongers in Nigeria media and social media to try and confuse the position of Nnamdi Kanu, leaders of Indigenous People of Biafra, Director of Radio Biafra and Biafra Television, on the Biafran issue.
Since the Biafran leader was granted bail, and because there is a condition stipulated that he should not speak to the media, they have gone to town to try and confuse the people that he has abandoned his quest to bring Biafra.  Nevertheless, their cheap lies were unable to make any impact on the tough Biafran people, whose minds are already made up on exiting from Nigeria. It is now apparent that their gutter press releases were not able to deceive any Biafran, not even the gullible ones.
Biafra Choice Writers investigation revealed that Nigerian government under the cloned president Muhammadu Buhari, knew they had failed woefully in this battle against Biafra. That was why they took the option of forcing injustice Binta Nyako, the confused Chief Judge at Abuja Federal High court, to impose stringent, obnoxious and unconstitutional bail conditions on the Biafran leader. Nyako was not bothered that she was trampling on his fundamental human rights. She did not mind that the conditions stripped him of his right of expression, as well as his freedom of association.
The whole idea was to quell the rising agitation for his continued illegal incarceration, while making sure that his followers would not know that he was still obstinate about getting Biafra. Laughable! Nigeria and its handlers thought they were frustrating the Biafra struggle, but they did not know they were making a mockery of themselves.
Little did they grapple with the fact that Biafrans know the mind of their leader. Little did they know that the people were aware that their leader has for a long time in the past, and severally, openly placed himself under oath during his broadcasts on Radio Biafra. They knew how he would always declare on air: “Any day I wake up and contemplate betraying Biafrans, if God refuses to strike me and my household dead, then know that he is not God”. It is already proven with evidence that the only reason his parents gave birth to him was to liberate Biafra from the clutches of abominable Nigeria; and evil neo-colonialist Britain.
This is why in spite of all the shenanigans of Nigeria government and its Judiciary, Biafrans are not bothered. Biafrans are showing by words and actions that the various kindergarten propaganda of the Nigerian government and Nigerian media, mean nothing to them.
Uche Emedo, a hardcore Biafran, opines that Biafra struggle has changed to unique dimension in a spiritual realm, that only those with spiritual eyes could see it, and that Biafrans are following in that path. He equivocally says that those expecting his leader (Kanu) to play the same roles he did when he was sensitizing Biafrans with Radio Biafra, were snoring deeply. He expresses his belief that Nnamdi Kanu, whom God was using, would triumph over the Islamic demonic entity called Nigeria.
Speaking further, he said the release of Kanu was a wake-up call to all to identify with the Biafra struggle before it is too late. “Kanu’s meetings with selected elites of Biafra is to pay respect, and give honour to those whom respect and honour is due” he said
He says the person is not wise, who is looking at the struggle Kanu is waging with the eyes of the sham Ralph Uwazuruike had waged with his failed Movement for the Actualisation for the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB). He said Uwazuruike was a poverty-stricken individual who buckled at the thought of huge sums of bribe money, and that the era of monetized struggle for Biafra was gone and gone for good.
Finally, we can now confidently declare that the amateur and internet-rats writing trash against Nnamdi Kanu, were prophesied. “It is prophecy fulfilled because Kanu in many of his broadcasts had declared that even though they have refused to write about Biafra, that the time was coming when they would have no choice but to write about “us” he said finally.
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