It is beyond doubt that one of reasons we have the brain is to think reasonably with it and our capacity for being human beings is reflected in our ability to think. It is obvious that Nigerian government is the way it is today because of the inability of the people that constitute it to think reasonably.

Everyone had thought that Muhammadu Buhari's administration was going to bring about any positive economic change in the country but today all of those thoughts are things of the past.  Disappointments have replaced hope. 

The challenges facing Nigeria today is not just about the leaders but also about the foundation of the country -how it was formed. 

A question maybe asked, who created Nigeria? What was the agreement between the people before the amalgamation in 1914? What and how was the value system that united the people together as one Nigeria? Can any Nigerian leader answer these questions and save humanity from all of these woes!

It could be said also that one of major problems confronting Nigeria today is nemesis . This is because the name Nigeria is a fraud ,which is why all her leaders are like her even up to their ways of thinking. 

Little wonder in their thinking they couldn't think out that Muhammadu Buhari is know from history as an economic disaster but thought of him as the only hope for Nigerians and that he was going to be the experts and smart person to run the economy. 

But that didn't happen, instead , quite late though, they discovered that the president had a devastating attachment to the disastrous and antiquated policies he made  during his first advent as military head of state some years ago. 

It is on record that He clearly has no interest in history. And like patterns that run in a dreary circle, history did nothing but repeat itself. 

It is clear that both  Nigerian and Nigerian government have failed woefully now that the people are beginning to ask questions. Such questions as "what are our benefits in Nigeria?" Do we have rights such as we were taught in schools?" Rights such as: freedom of speech? 

If the answer is 'Yes' , then what brings about the treasonable felony leveled against NNAMDI KANU for practicing the same right? This is indeed disappointing. 

May it be said here that the right  of the indigenous peoples for self determination for which Nnamdi Kanu is being incarcerated was declared in 2007 of which Nigeria is a signatory. 

It should be recalled that during the 70th UN submit in 2015 in the USA , in his address, Muhammad Buhari, confirmed his support for the self determination of the Indigenous peoples by accepting and declaring his support for the the Palestinians in the north of Israel to be allowed self determination.

It was indeed a welcomed address by the Nigerian president during that summit. But why would Buhari wants his Muslim brothers gain self determination but would not want Biafra gain freedom from Nigeria is indeed a gross disappointment! . 

It is equally a gross disappointment that Nigerian government is today as always killing and destroying Biafrans over something that she is a signatory to and unfortunately the world appears unconcerned.

- Arinze Chukwu & Livingrich Ezeikpe
  Abia Media Team
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