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■ May 03, 2017 

If the above questions are posed to an average Biafran today, the answer will be surprising YES. The reason is that the name of the peoples' General Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu is synonymous with the "Biafra war" (which was actually a Genocide or call it an Ethnic cleansing of the Biafrans by Nigeria, Britain and cohorts). An estimated 3.5 million Biafrans; mostly civilians were slaughtered in that brutal war of aggression.

Soon after the war, the Bight of Biafra which was the closest area named after the Old Biafra region (Stretches towards Cameroon) was renamed to Bight of Bony just like the British has this master plan of eliminating Biafra from the map (Recently removed a lot book from their library containing the history of Biafra; ridiculous! isn't it?). Until today, you can still find people in Southern part of Cameroon answering the name "Mba."
The Biafra region has existed many thousands years before the contraption "Nigeria" named after a river by Flora Shaw, was created in 1914. As you can see in the attached image of the Biafra map dating as far back as 1662. The Biafran people can be traced back to the Afarensis who are earliest humans who migrated from the Afar region of Ethiopia and partly from Egypt. We will leave this part for another day. The people of Biafra were mostly merchants and traded with their own money called Ejemma. They are civilized people that used to write with Nsibidi. They are mostly Republicans. They believe that Truth is Life. They had a court system that uses trial by jury and death was never used as a punishment because death itself is not an experience, so there was nothing to learn from it if it was administered as punishment to offenders of whatever. The ultimate punishment was banishment.
The word "Biafara" translates for The word "Biafara" translates for "Come and join" (Bia --- Come, and Fara --- Join). It is mostly occupied by the present day "South-Eastern," the so-called "South-South" parts of Nigeria, and some parts of southern Cameroon. Reading a closer meaning into the name explains the dominant behavior and notable character of the Biafran people. It also explains why they got such a name naturally.

A true Biafran person is known for his hospitality and forgiveness. People usually say that they are "ala wu otu" meaning "land is the same" kind of people. They relax in any favorable place that they find themselves. This goes deeper to explain why the Biafran people still went back to the Northern part of Nigeria after the civil war irrespective of the fact they are being killed on a daily basis for who they are and how successfully and religious they are.

YES, truly religious! Check out their names that they bear e.g. Chioma, Chukwudi, Onyekachukwu, Chidiebere, Ifechukwu, Chukwuma, Sopuruchukwu, Arinzechukwu e.t.c. All those name tags refer to God who they called Chiukwu Ahbiama (The God that you get to know when you come close to Him).

N:B Biafra was pronounced in different ways by different people who navigated that area in the early days hence the change in the spelling Biafar, Biafara and Biafra.

Let us not forget that the mass execution of the Biafrans in the Northern part of the "Nigeria" was actually what led to the war and not anything about OIL which the Biafrans have in abundance. The same trend is repeating itself unreported or rather inappropriately reported. The "Nigeria" media is a mess and controlled by politicians (mainly the Yoruba) and the government.

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  1. Good. So Biafraland will cover from Benin kingdom west boundary to south Cameroon east boundary. We'll have a bigger country. That's great!