Authors:         Nnadi Eze Eric, Ikenna Ozulumba Mbaegbu
Editor:             Prince Richmond C. Amadi

Ikenna’s Experienc 

I had woken up with a start, looking around the room, dazzled by the light emanating from the white electric bulb hanging above me. It appeared they had just brought the light at that very instant and it had disturbed my eyes as I was facing upwards. I had belched loudly, using the back of my hand to cover my mouth, a sign of hunger or tiredness. And searching through my mind trying to recall where I was, I had then realized that what I had just witnessed was only but a dream. I felt a hot prickle of anger surged through me, and I resented why I had come out of that beautiful “DREAM.” I had closed my eyes again, willfully wishing myself to drift back to that same wonderland and never return. But then reality was there to nag at me, urging me with every ounce of strength in her to face her like a man I was.

It then occurred to me that I had been brought back again to face these harsh conditions of life prevalent in this hopeless nation called “NIGERIA.” I had spat and cursed under my breath when the name “Nigeria” crossed my thought.

I snapped out of my reverie when  My younger sister Ebele started calling my name from the inner room to remind me about my appointment at 5 pm. Actually, it was her who had gently tapped me on the shoulder to wake me when she had walked in and found me still lying on the sofa deeply asleep. I had in the morning of that day told her to help me with the memory of my appointment knowing fully well she was not the type that easily forgot things.

I had returned from work at 3 pm sharp earlier that day, it was on a Friday and being very weary as a result of excess work I did in the morning, I had dropped into the sofa with the intention to relax a few minutes so as to enable me to gather a little strength to face other obligations and must have dozed off while sitting there.

I  looked at the wall clock hanging on the wall and realized that it just struck I must have had slept for over an hour. Assuring myself that I still had enough time to prepare for my meeting, I stood up and headed towards the bathroom but then realized I still wore the same cloth I came back with. It was a black turtle neck under a pair of Denim blue jeans trousers which I had bought two days before, and they were just fine ON me.  Cursing under my breath I made for the bedroom to change.

While in the bath, I started reminiscing, searching through my mind, trying to bring back the images of the dream I just had. It was a beautiful dream! A dream of the emergence of a New African nation that is going to take over the world power. The beautiful dream of a Biafran society. The kingdom of heaven on this very earth. The land of the rising sun.

As I sat pondering over this, I felt a prickle of apprehension crawl up my spine. I began to imagine how on earth did we get here, how on earth did we even get to be mixed up with those Hausa/Fulani people and the Yorubas. I began to imagine how we ended up to be forced into becoming “one Nigeria,” an evil creation by a white man is what beats my imagination. The persistent torture we are passing through in the hands of this people is too much for one to bear. I shudder to think that the Biafran people for over a decade now are still marginalized, and still trapped in the captivity of the negativity of one Nigeria.

Eric’s Experience

Oh, this suffering is too much! See as my people languish in pain and in abject pauperism, in their own land that is filled with milk and honey.

Oh, as I looked, I saw our youths with lots of potentials wasting their lives on the streets, and deeply involved in drugs and alcohol. Oh, it saddens my heart as I see our youths who are supposed to be the leaders of tomorrow being slaughtered on the streets or jailed for stealing while the government remain silent like the dead of the night and watch as this evil continue to ensue.

This abominable contraption called Nigeria only harbors and celebrate evil men while the good ones are severely punished. This is a country where indecent dressing is seen as fashion and a way of life; a country where freedom of speech is labeled a treasonable felony by its judiciary as in the case of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who has been illegally detained by the Nigerian Government since October 14, 2015 only because he demanded for the freedom of his people who are being marginalized to the core.

This is a nation where some people (Hausa/Fulani) see themselves as the first class citizens and should be the ones holding the mantle of leadership while those regarded as second class citizens are continuously marginalized, assaulted and massacred at will.

Should I talk about the country’s educational system, it is a far cry from the standard. This is a system where only the misfits occupy the major educational posts thereby making the system a joke of the century. Even the students’ performance is not recognized as higher marks are only apportioned to students according to the tribe one comes from or religious denomination he or she belongs to. What a shame!

Politics in Nigeria is a disaster! Every politician is a thief. They steal the country’s wealth at will and share among them as they deem fit and no one dares raises a finger. If you try to antagonize them, they will send assassins after you.  What these politicians normally do during the election is this; they will visit their constituency and give the party chairman or those at the head money (of course stole money from our oil) to share among the poor masses so as to gain their votes. But as soon as they are elected to office, all their promises to the people are forgotten. This shows that they never have the people’s interest at heart, but only for their own personal gain. It’s appalling!

In this nation filled with great many evil, due to hardship and suffering the people are subjected to, the life expectancy of its citizens has just come down to 45years. One of the factors that contribute to this untimely or premature death includes the government negligence over some multi-national oil companies who fail to control harmful gas that is released into the air to pollute our cities. Very sad indeed!

This is a country where people live fake lives by answering names that are not original to them or to the land.

Oh, what shall we do to cleanse our land and free ourselves from this forced marriage called “Nigeria?” What shall we do to give to our children the good life they deserve? What shall we do to recover what has been stolen from us?

I had a dream where a new nation emerged from Africa and became the leading champion over other nations of the world.

I had a dream where every citizen was treated equally.

I had a dream where what belonged to Mr. A. was given to Mr. A and not Mr. B

In this dream, I saw a brave man emerged and he was as strong as a tiger, and he had overcome all odds to deliver his people from oppression by the strangers who had forcefully occupied the land and taken over its leadership.

I had a dream, and in this dream, I saw two brothers (The “South-South” and the “South East” people) who used to reject each other unite as one to fight off this evil that had taken over their land. I saw them dining together and bearing one name “BIAFRA” as they had now realized that they were one but had been deceived by this so called strangers whose only interest was to divide and rule them so as to steal from them.

I had a dream where I saw our nation far more beautiful than the USA, RUSSIA, CHINA, DUBAI, and PARIS put together.

I had a dream where I Saw a world power emerged from Africa.

I had a dream where Africa is freed from the oppression of the white race because of this beautiful nation that had emerged.

I had a dream and in this dream, I saw this beautiful nation setting the pace for other African nations to follow.

I had a dream where students were scored based on their qualifications and not according to their tribe or religious background.

I had a dream and I saw a nation where people respected and obeyed the law with passion and not under coercion because they were humans with the ability to reason.

I had a dream and I Saw a nation that gainfully employed its youths upon graduation from school.

I had a dream and I saw a nation with great soldiers who were always ready to fight in defense of their country.


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