• Author:           Onwe Ozioma
• Editor:             Prince Richmond C. Amadi 
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 Everyone knows that Nigeria is sitting on a time bomb. That is why concerned and peace loving global citizens although way too few,  always call for a peaceful dissolution of the British company (Nigeria). And if there call is not heard and given proper attention by the powers that be, this part of West Africa may in no distant time begin to experience another period of savagery, where a man will prey on his fellow. I do not pray for this though but the hatred people in this clime share is so enormous that one cannot help calling the thing by its name. Even the selfish man who merged them made it clear that they are like oil and water. It is not out of place to ask: what are the inhabitants of this contraption doing to save themselves from the doom that is sure to befall them if.....?'. 'Do they want to perish?'. 'Can't they find solutions to their problems?'. It should be noted that Biafrans, a people trapped in this devil's temple, from inception has been working out and presenting peaceful strategies to solve the problem. 

In 1967, our discerning elders saw the 'water' at their ankles and knew that it would soon get to the neck. They discovered that the only solution would be to keep the people apart in different countries. They ordered the people's General, Chukwuemeka Odimekwu Ojukwu to announce independence for Biafra so that the Niger can permanently separate the 'cat and dog'. He did so but the Hausa/Fulani and their Yoruba slaves backed by their 'god' (the British) and said no: 'you must stay here and perish'. Now the present generation of Biafrans has not ceased in toeing the path of peace in finding the much-needed solution. We are currently shouting (as much as our voice can allow), calling for a referendum. Then what are the Hausa/ Fulani and their Yoruba puppets doing They are busy beckoning on the disaster to come quickly. They continuously provoke us in every way they can. They kill us even for proffering a peaceful solution to the problem that will sure eat them up if.....

 In 2016 alone, they killed our people in their thousands. Many Biafrans are currently languishing in different prisons and their only crime is that they said: "let us separate and live instead of staying together to die". They set our shops ablaze at will. They deny us our right to freely live in any part of the same country they so dearly want us to remain in. Now they have added another insult to injury.

On the 19th of May 2017, Nigeria soldiers, like they are known doing, invaded the conference venue in Abia state, where our wives and mothers were meeting to map out ways of solving the same nagging problem. They beat them up and shamefully tore their clothes to unclad them in public (A taboo in Biafraland). In doing all these, Nigeria is only in serious search for the last straw that will break the camel's back. They are hungry for bloodshed.

 Kudos must be giving to IPOB, ably led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, for being able to keep the Biafran people on the path of none violence even in the face of the unbearable provocations. Indeed we have been law abiding in the face of lawlessness. I urge all Biafrans to continue to endure the slaps until otherwise stated by our leader (if need be).

To our haters, I advise you all to free your minds from hate. Stop molesting us. You know we have never been one, are not and can never be. Let us get rid of this mess once and for all. The only solution is: let us live separately. Perhaps, absence can make our hearts grow fonder again since familiarity has not only bred contempt but discord and bitterness as well.

To the entire world, I plead: Use every instrument available to ensure that lasting peace is restored to this part of the world. To the UN particularly I beg: Implement your Charter on the Rights of indigenous peoples to self-determination in this matter. Prevail on your member Nigeria to with immediate effect organize a referendum for Biafra. There is a danger looming which effect will be very destructive on those it will descend on. What will it profit you if we perish? 

   Okike forbid. Biafrans shall never perish.

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